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Dave Walsh - Wish Blog

February Wishes - We’re busy, busy, busy granting wishes this month and we can’t wait to tell you about them. Here are three wonderful children who are either gone on their wish now or are excitedly anticipating their wish. The first wish story we can’t wait to tell you about is the story of Gregory. Gregory is sixteen and he loves hockey, and video games. His favorite team is the Ottawa Senators (GO SENS GO! – Mine too!) He not only enjoys watching all their games and cheering for his team, but he also likes to play the NHL video games, managing his very own Ottawa Senators franchise. When he is older Gregory want to be either a video game designer, or the General Manager of the Ottawa Senators. Gregory has a very rare form of cancer (MPNST - cancer of the connective tissue surrounding nerves) and has autism. Gregory does not let these things slow him down; he does well in school, likes his teachers, and has many wonderful friends. Gregory left for his wish to Anaheim, California to see Disneyland Resort, Legoland, & Sea Life Aquarium on Feb.24th! Next we have Makayla. Fourteen year old Makayla plays soccer. In fact, she’s the keeper, which means she’s the backbone of her team… the final defense… the person the team relies upon most. Pair this with Makayla’s love for painting and the board game monopoly, and you’ve met a creative, methodical strategist. She truly is a remarkable young lady. Makayla looks up to Canadian national soccer team goal…

Photo : Dave Walsh February 26, 2015

Joshua Dawson - Memoirs of a Genie

The Oprah Effect - Do you believe in magic? Before my father passed almost 10 years ago, my answer would have been “NO.” And I certainly wouldn't have believed it if you told me I'd be sitting in front of the VP of Programming for the Oprah Winfrey Network dressed as a Genie. Connecting on a deep spiritual level talking about an inspirational TV show that has the potential to help many, many people around the globe. As I move through life, I’ve come to accept the Heraclitus quote The only thing that is constant is change.” And my, oh my, how times have changed. Last week's peak moment at the Oprah Winfrey Network was preceded and triggered by many not so exciting magical moments. That perfect walk in the forest on a crisp fall day. Looking at my boys and Ingrid before suddenly being overcome by their inner beauty. A beautiful moment of love, least expected, that fills you up. Brimming then overflowing into moistened eyes. A glimpse of beauty in the mundane. Two becoming one, all equal but seemingly forever fleeting. Moments so few and far between as to almost discount their magical existence? Why? Your mind helps solve the riddle. Much like a Las Vegas magician, it's the ultimate trickster. An illusionist crowding and distracting the truth with thoughts. Look over here it screams! Ponder this problem. Solve me! A seemingly never ending stream of habitual thought taught to us by our loved ones. Best intentions in the name of safety. And why not? We are…

Photo : Joshua Dawson October 13, 2014