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Kelly Leach - Mentoring Matters

Is Mentoring all that Meaningful and Magical? You bet it is! - All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them. - Earvin Magic Johnson We all know that mentoring a child is a good thing.  It’s common sense, really. We often hear about the many positive outcomes that are achieved through mentoring:  it improves self esteem; kids do better in school; instills the belief that great things can be achieved in life; and guides young people on the right path as they grow into adults.  No doubt, it’s encouraging and inspirational stuff.  And research has shown this to be true.  Some people even call it magical. Sometimes, however, just hearing about the importance of mentoring doesn’t do justice to the profound impact that it really has on a child and the mentor.  A true understanding of the benefits of mentoring relationships cannot be attained through mere words that were spoken or by reading statistics that have been gathered.  Hearing the words is one thing – experiencing mentoring is another.  I discovered this first hand when I became a Big Sister. Unless you have mentored a child, one can never really appreciate the deep connection that is created and nurtured over time.  For me, mentoring has been a life-changing journey.  It’s been very personable and spiritual, and I highly recommend it to everyone. There are many deserving young people in our communities who need a little extra guidance, support, and are hungry for a meaningful and healthy friendship.  Giving just a few hours of our time can have a lasting…

Photo : Kelly Leach April 28, 2015
Photo : Dave Walsh April 13, 2015