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Julie Brocklehurst - Tiptoeing Through

Making the Most of the Holiday Season - There is a natural desire to pass family traditions down to the next generation, and I always thought I would do that… until my son, Brennen came along, rocked my world, and changed how we do things, including the Holidays, entirely.   For the first couple of years of Brennen’s life, I would dread going to toy stores. Who am I kidding, I still do. I avoid them at all costs, knowing that there is very little available that Brennen can “play” with. Christmas shopping has become a challenge, and though I try to resist it, every year I inevitably find myself in a toy aisle, tears streaming down my face with the realization, once again, that I am living in a starkly different world. While I dream of wrapping up the one thing my child will adore, the one thing that will attract his attention, ignite his creativity and give him opportunities to play and learn and grow, it is unfortunately not that easy. Finding products and toys that will work for Brennen is difficult. I look at items, analyze their potential, and ultimately decide that they are not suitable – that he cannot physically manipulate them on his own, and will be a complete waste of money. Sometimes I will purchase the toy anyway, in hopes that some miracle will happen and his skills will improve. Sometimes I just want to feel like any other parent shopping at Toys R Us, who can pick out a present for their child without having to…

Photo : Julie Brocklehurst November 22, 2015

Ash Douglas - Ok, ready,set,!

Board Much?? - I did something last night that I haven’t done in quite some time and that was play a board game, I didn’t need batteries, there were no wires, and I certainly didn’t need to be in WiFi range, just some old school board gaming fun.  Gaming consoles, computers, and handheld devices usually take precedent over more tradition forms of family leisure that we’ve forgotten how much fun a simple board game can be.  That said, I do know of friends and family members who still make board games a staple in their entertainment arsenal but I bet there are more that don’t.  Growing up I would always have a few board games scribbled down on my list for Santa, they usually would come as a secondary gift or maybe that gift from an aunt or uncle, but like a lot of things over time, I just grew out of playing them on a consistent basis. Whether you still play board games or not, they do have a certain appeal to them, they are nostalgic, reminiscent of Saturday night battles with your parents for household dominance, and of course the bragging rights that usually lasted a couple of days were the icing on the cake.  Although it takes a lot sometimes to dig them out of the inner bowels of the dingy part of the basement, or maybe the cobwebbed corners of the attic, but once dusted off and all pieces are accounted for, they can create some of the most fun filled nights with the…

Photo : Ash Douglas November 05, 2015

Kelly Leach - Mentoring Matters

Big and Little Sis...a friendship since 2000 - Amy and I first met on September 30, 2000 in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program. She was only 6 years old when we were matched. I remember her being so quiet and shy and having to draw her out of her shell. We would hang out once a week and some of our favourite places to go were the playground at Neil's Pond and Bowring Park. We loved to do all sorts of things together like bowling, swimming and bake cookies. Amy's favourite was just hanging out at my apartment though. We would have indoor picnics, which consisted of pizza and pop on a blanket on the floor and watching anime, particularly Pikachu. She would tell me about all the characters in great detail. I remember the first Christmas we celebrated together as Big and Little Sister...we decorated my Christmas tree and as soon as it was done and we turned away, the tree toppled over. It was so funny and we had to fix the tree all over again. Amy was involved with Brownie's and we attended functions together. Going up through elementary school, I watched her graduate and go on to the next grade with pride. When she had her Confirmation at Corpus Christi, I was proud to be in attendance for that milestone in her life as well. She attended DND Cadet Camp in Acadia for 2 years. Since I work at the airport and handled the check-in for the flights, I checked her in personally. The more time we spent together,…

Photo : Kelly Leach November 12, 2015