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Warren Gordon - Rad Sad Plaid

June 07, 2016

Where unforgettable happens - Wow. These past few weeks have gone by so quickly, and I have no idea where to start. Everything has been absolutely perfect. The food, guests and friends, parks, my job, co-workers, the list goes on.Everything has been magical. I actually think I left all of my anxieties and fears at the gate as soon as I stepped on the plane in St. John’s to come to Orlando. I haven’t stopped smiling.It’s hard not to keep a smile on your face in the happiest place on earth. Happiness is second nature for a number of people in Walt Disney World, and heck, it’s contagious. Every time I suit up to begin my job, I know how important my role is in being a Cast Member. Every interaction you have with people could very well be the best that person or family/party has had that day.People spend their hard earned money to come to Disney World. Those fortunate enough to partake want the full Disney experience. An unforgettable time. Some people only have one chance to see the mouse in their lifetime, and it’s important as Cast Members, and sometimes guests alike, to make sure that they have memories they won’t soon forget.---I’ve been on the go so much between work, park visiting and trips to Walmart (they literally have everything) for food that I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, and I’m totally sorry for that! My life has taken a complete 180 and has had improvements in all aspects of it. Friends and family back home have…

Julie Brocklehurst - Tiptoeing Through

What if my Child Outlives Me? - I have recently been attending meetings with Cornerstone Housing Society - an organization that was established here in St. John's in 2012, and is dedicated to the creation of homes for adults with intellectual disabilities in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is our goal and intent to become a L’Arche community where adults with intellectual disabilities and their assistants live together, where mutual dependence is fostered, where spiritual and social well-being is promoted and supported. Our focus as Cornerstone Housing Society is to acquire property and build a house that will become a home for the adults with intellectual disabilities who choose to live there. As a parent of a child with a disability, it can be frightening to think about the future, and what might happen when I'm gone. Who will care for my son when I am not able to? It is perhaps one of the hardest and scariest things to think about. I remember being at an event where Randy Lewis spoke, and one thing that stuck with me was when he said that Like most parents with a child with a disability, we share the same wish: to live just one day longer than our child. His bold statement hit me right in the heart, and I think about it often. What will happen to my son if he outlives me? Who is going to care for him? Can I ever earn enough and save enough to provide my child with a fulfilling life after I'm gone?  Right now, Brennen is just…

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Kelly Leach - Mentoring Matters

Game On! Eat Smart, Play Smart, Live Smart this year! - We hear a lot about the pressures that face young girls. Distorted body images, eating disorders, unhealthy relationships, social media pressure, peer pressure...the list goes on. We hear less about the pressures and issues that face boys, but, the fact is, boys face all these same struggles.  Sure there are differences, between how boys experience some of these things, but ultimately, boys still worry about their appearance, they develop disordered eating and lead sedentary lifestyles, they experience unhealthy relationships, and they definitely feel pressure! Even the most privileged, well-adjusted boys will face societal pressures throughout adolescence, and learning how to cope with these pressures, how to take care of themselves and lead an active, healthy lifestyle is important for all boys. Game On! Group Mentoring provides an opportunity for boys to benefit from the leadership and encouragement of positive male role models who have committed to making healthier choices in their own lives. Game On! mentors are youthful, energetic and love being active – so they have a lot in common with Game On! group members. Game On! is a place where boys can have fun, be themselves, and feel included. The program incorporates many fun games and activities that encourage learning and support healthy choices. Game On! also explores what it means to be a boy and provides a space for boys to be themselves. During Game On! sessions boys can engage openly and honestly about the expectations that are placed on them. As part of a group, boys can explore these and other…

Photo : Kelly Leach January 05, 2016