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Kelly Leach - Mentoring Matters

15 years... a Mother's Journey - I want to tell you about an awesome organization that has had a powerful impact on my family - Big Brothers Big Sisters.  My children's Dad passed away when Robyn and Ryan were just 5 and 6 years old.  It goes without saying that was very difficult period for all of us.  My children had a hard time adjusting the loss of their father - especially my son Ryan. As a single mom I was very concerned about them and wanted to make sure they had the right influences and role models in their lives. I was only vaguely aware of Big Brothers Big Sisters but had a friend who volunteered there and he suggested I look into the program. He explained how it worked and assured me that the screening process would ensure a completely safe environment for my children. After meeting with BBBS I decided I would register both Ryan and Robyn as littles.  They warned me that it could take a long time for them to get matched with a Big but that there were a number of different activities the children participated in while they worked on a Match so I thought it might be fun for them.  Turns out it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Through BBBS, my kids were involved in all kinds of events such as Bowl for Kids Sake, a number of Picnics/BBQ's, Science Camps at MUN, plays at the Arts and Culture centre. Ryan and Robyn were also the hosts of the Celebrity Secrets show (which…

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Dave Walsh - Wish Blog

Adventure Seekers to Grant 7 Wishes! - There is no feeling in the world like knowing you have granted a wish for a child with a life threatening illness. And that is exactly what 7 teams will do September 25th through Exile Island. Watch the 2014 Highlight Video. Presented by EY; Exile Island is Newfoundland & Labrador’s most exciting pledge based fundraiser, and is brought to you by the Children’s Wish Foundation; Canada’s authority on wish granting. Exile Island merges the ancient concept of island banishment with the excitement of the reality TV show Survivor and its challenges. This team building event is a highly successful and completely unique experience. Each corporate tribe of 5 is paired with a wish child. Their first challenge is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to grant that child’s wish, by September 25th, 2015 when they will be banished to Exile Island (a secret location) to compete for tribe supremacy. While on the “Island” participants will compete in challenges designed to test them both mentally and physically. Each challenge rewards the winners with points or valuable resources to make their stay on the “island” more comfortable. The Tribes competing this year are, EY, Scotia McLeod (the defending champs), A. Harvey, Terra Nova Motors, Vigilant Management, Woodgroup PSN, & the Wish Warriors team who are 5 individuals with different backgrounds, who came together under the banner of one cause, to grant a wish for a child with a life threatening illness. The Tribe consists of Janine Brown, Caitlin Spinney, Steve Bartlett, Bill Hart, and Robert Shawn, who…

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