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Ken Simmons - Caught in the Act

Two Guitars Clash - Since 2007, when drummer Doug Rowe grabbed a guitar and stepped up to the mike, Two Guitars Clash has been grinding out the kind of six-string salvation the early punks used to such raucous effect. No silly love songs here. TGC tunes touch on world peace and petty crime; the sweatshop economy and international terrorism are laid out on the rock and roll stretcher and eviscerated for the world to see. The latest lineup — lead vox Rowe, Mark Thorne on guitars and vocals, Bob Dicks on bass and vocals and drummer Sean Power driving the works from the throne — released the group's third disc, “Radio Rebelde” on April 26. We were at The Black Sheep in downtown St. John’s to try to catch some of the energy of the release show, and have a chat with Doug about the band and the songs that make up the Two Guitars Clash setlist. Get the podcast here.

Photo : Ken Simmons May 02, 2016

Julie Brocklehurst - Children's Wish

A Princess Tea Party.. with Heroes! - Sometimes, real superheroes live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.   This past weekend, The Children's Wish Foundation hosted a Princess Tea Party.. with Heroes! Children were invited to dress up as a princess or superhero and join in a wonderful afternoon at an enchanted castle with some of their favorite Disney Princesses and Comic Superheroes. It was truly a grand affair for both boys and girls. There were fun structured activities for the kids, free massages for parents, an awesome stage show, and lots of surprises!  The Tea Room was decorated in a beautiful fairy princess style that every little girl dreams of. The event organizers concentrated on every detail to make the afternoon perfect for the children and parents in attendance, as well as for the special little Wish Princesses and Wish Superheroes, whose most heartfelt wish will be funded by the event.  All children love to dress up and play make-believe. A witch, a pirate, a police officer or a race car driver - children's imaginations can transform them into whatever they want to be. For many of the children at this magical event, dressing up as a princess or superhero was an escape from their everyday lives, which can be full of medical appointments and hospital visits. Pretending to be a comic book character is a fun way to escape the real world for the afternoon, and let their fantasies and imaginations take flight! When we think of superheroes, we think of people who are stronger than normal,…

Photo : Julie Brocklehurst February 26, 2016

Ashley Fitzpatrick - Of Rock & Sea

John Kennedy should be at the NYSE - Establishing and maintaining electrical service in a place like Newfoundland and Labrador was – and remains - no small feat. John Kennedy could tell you about some of it. The 81-year-old started working with Newfoundland Power at age 16, as an operator in the hydroelectric plant at Tors Cove. He remained with that company for 39 years before retiring as a power plant superintendent, responsible for upkeep throughout the island of Newfoundland. He thinks he has little to do with the events of this week, with Fortis opening the New York Stock Exchange and being feted at home for its international growth, but the reality is he represents one of thousands of individuals who makes that business possible. Kennedy recently told me about one of his earliest memories from his working life, from his first or second year in the power business: a drowned man, a plant superintendent, being pulled from the waters of the tailrace of the then-new hydroelectric plant in Mobile, South of St. John’s. The man had fallen into the water by accident, during an outside inspection. “They brought him in the plant and they had him on the floor of the plant and they were doing artificial respiration on him,” he said, thinking back. Mouth-to-mouth and CPR were not in widespread use at that time, he said, so the standard approach of the day was used: the man was placed face down, his arms were pulled back, raised behind him, then dropped. The action was repeated. And repeated. He doesn’t remember…

Photo : Ashley Fitzpatrick October 17, 2016

James McLeod - Briefing Note

Premier Ball Angry - Ok, I’m writing this really quickly because it’s been (another) crazy day, but I wanted to post the full audio of today’s scrum with Premier Dwight Ball and Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady. It’s worth a listen, not just because the Ed Martin severance affair is still very much unfolding. I can also say that in more than four years I’ve been covering Ball, this is the angriest I’ve ever seen him. If you’re trying to get caught up on the still unfolding Ed Martin severance scandal, you can catch up with this handy dandy timeline I posted here: You can also read yesterday’s story, which is here:,-Martin-says/1 And when Ball says that there’s some sort of huge payout to Martin that hasn’t been discussed yet, I suspect that’s what I discussed here: Ok, now then, on to the main event. Sorry for the intermittent sound quality, and the sound of my camera shutter. I was moving around a bit and shooting photos while the premier was speaking — along with asking questions. Anyway, here’s the audio of today’s scrum:    

Photo : James McLeod May 31, 2016