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Photo : Emir Andrews September 21, 2013
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Sherwin Flight - Sherwin Flight for Ward 5

Full-Time Fire Station For The Goulds - The North American standard response time for the fire department to arrive on scene after a call is six minutes. In order to reach this target it is important that fire protection services be located close to the neighbourhoods that they protect, and that they are able to respond in a quick and efficient manner. Most of St. John’s is covered by fire stations that are staffed twenty-four hours a day, so as soon as a call comes in they can be dispatched immediately to the scene. However, the Goulds does not have a station that is staffed on a continuous basis. From 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday the Goulds Fire Station is staffed by paid employees, which means that evening and weekend fire protection services are provided by volunteer staff. I have heard great things about the Goulds Volunteer Fire Department, and the people that work there. Volunteers are a very important part of the fire protection services offered across Canada, with approximately 127,000 volunteer firefighters in the country. I raise this issue not because I feel they are doing a poor job, but because I believe fire protection services in the Goulds needs to be enhanced to a level not possible on a volunteer basis. For anyone unfamiliar with volunteer fire departments, generally they work like this: A call comes in requiring a fire department response. Members of the volunteer fire department are called, or paged, letting them know an incident needs to be responded to. Fire department members head to the…

Photo : Sherwin Flight September 12, 2013