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Dave Walsh - Wish Blog

Adventure Seekers to Grant 7 Wishes! - There is no feeling in the world like knowing you have granted a wish for a child with a life threatening illness. And that is exactly what 7 teams will do September 25th through Exile Island. Watch the 2014 Highlight Video. Presented by EY; Exile Island is Newfoundland & Labrador’s most exciting pledge based fundraiser, and is brought to you by the Children’s Wish Foundation; Canada’s authority on wish granting. Exile Island merges the ancient concept of island banishment with the excitement of the reality TV show Survivor and its challenges. This team building event is a highly successful and completely unique experience. Each corporate tribe of 5 is paired with a wish child. Their first challenge is to raise a minimum of $10,000 to grant that child’s wish, by September 25th, 2015 when they will be banished to Exile Island (a secret location) to compete for tribe supremacy. While on the “Island” participants will compete in challenges designed to test them both mentally and physically. Each challenge rewards the winners with points or valuable resources to make their stay on the “island” more comfortable. The Tribes competing this year are, EY, Scotia McLeod (the defending champs), A. Harvey, Terra Nova Motors, Vigilant Management, Woodgroup PSN, & the Wish Warriors team who are 5 individuals with different backgrounds, who came together under the banner of one cause, to grant a wish for a child with a life threatening illness. The Tribe consists of Janine Brown, Caitlin Spinney, Steve Bartlett, Bill Hart, and Robert Shawn, who…

Photo : Dave Walsh August 27, 2015

Joshua Dawson - Memoirs of a Genie

Go with your gut - When in doubt, go with your gut. Actually, always go with your gut. You know the feeling inside that says: YES! Do it. Even if it doesn't make any sense. Even if it goes against everything your mind is telling you to do. Do it anyways and always. Dr. Wayne Dyer, the father of motivation, reminded me of this two years ago when I had the pleasure of spending a week with him during I Am Genie's very first wishes fulfilled event in St John's. Watching him go about his day was inspiring on a level I have rarely experienced before or since. One of those incredible people who make you want to be a better person, his commitment to self actualization is without compare. Quite out of the blue, while driving down Water St on our way home from lunch, an intuitive message came to him. We had just passed Trixie. An iconic St. John's personality, who has since passed. The sometimes revealing sense of style and dyed blonde hair were two of her many unique traits. Driving slowing down the road because of traffic, my fiancé Ingrid began explaining a lovely experience she had with Trixie. One evening, while out with friends, a feeling came over her to cross the street and give this woman a hug. When she did, Trixie began crying. A healing connection initiated by Ingrid following her inner guidance. Stop the car! Wayne's voice rose a little to ensure I knew he was serious. After parking next the curb,…

Photo : Joshua Dawson May 13, 2015

Janet Bradbury-Pennell - Singing across Ireland

November 08, 2013

Singing across Ireland - What do you get when you cross 45 Newfoundland 50-plus choir members and an oversees flight to Ireland? A lot of singing and laughing and basically no sleep for anyone on board. That was the scene on Sept. 19 when members of the St. John's based Fortissimos and The Legatos Choirs, both directed by Janet Bradbury-Pennell boarded the Air Canada flight. With the assistance of a phenomenal tour leader, Hilda Pollard-Milley, there was a to-die-for itinerary awaiting them in Ireland. From start to finish, said Pennell, it was an exceptional experience! The whole idea of the trip was for those who hadn't experienced Ireland before to do so and also it was meant to bond the choir members, some of whom have been with the choir for seven years — some for only a few months. But from the get-go it was one-for all and all-for-one. We did three performances: one in Galway where we helped fundraise for a new roof for the 300-year old St. Kummins Church and where we met and spoke with most of the audience who all seemed to have a story to tell about Newfoundland and our connection. One of the local people was from our very own Avondale, a Mr. Flynn, who met and married an Irish lady while teaching in Labrador and then they both moved back to Galway 30 years ago. From Galway the choir travelled to Waterford where they performed at City Hall — the area where so many of the choirs' ancestors had left those…

Jonathan Galgay - Meet your Ward 2 Candidate

Galgay calls for the creation of a municipal crime prevention committee - Ward 2 Candidate Jonathan Galgay is calling for the creation of a Municipal Crime Prevention Committee for the City of St. John’s to deal with emerging issues as they relate to the prevention of crime within the Capital City. The establishment of a Municipal Crime Prevention Committee would provide guidance and tools to the City of St. John’s by bridging formal partnerships with provincial government departments, police forces,   organizations, and community outreach programs. We need to take an integrated approach in dealing with this important issue.  Due to the multi-faced nature of crime prevention, this partnership must also include all stakeholders that play a role in enhancing community safety. I recognize that preventing crime requires a comprehensive approach involving prevention, intervention, enforcement and evaluation to ensure an integrated delivery of crime prevention programs.  As such, participation from key stakeholders is essential to the development and delivery of an effective working group.  Key Facts: • Public Safety Canada's National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC) provides funding to strategically selected projects that contribute to preventing and reducing crime in Canada and to increasing knowledge about what works in crime prevention.  • Although the NCPC does provide key funding to many organizations, often times funding is limited and restrictive. By establishing a Municipal Crime Prevention Committee, this would aim to enhance awareness of various crime prevention initiatives, consult on emerging issues, evaluate interventions to prevent and reduce crime, serve as an advocacy group for funding initiatives, and to improve public confidence in how the City of St. John’s is…

Photo : Jonathan Galgay July 30, 2013

Dave Lane - Dave Lane for St. John's

A brief overview of Dave Lane's election platform - Over the past four years or so I have been spending my free time working with various community groups, associations, and my own volunteer organization, Happy City, to understand how our city works and how to make it better for everyone. (Learn more about me here.)   Informed by my experience with these organizations, I've developed a set of principles and policy directions. Now that I'm running for councillor at large in St. John's, it's important that I make my views clear to voters so you can make an informed choice.   Click here to read my platform.   In a nutshell, I believe that our city will be better if we are all given an opportunity to express our views and contribute to decision making. I've shown that there are effective ways to engage the public through the initiatives of Happy City—both online and in public meetings. I intend to bring these approaches with me to City Hall.   I believe we can find a balance between development and heritage, as I demonstrated by coordinating a document of shared values between the St. John's Board of Trade, Downtown St. John's, and the Newfoundland Historic Trust.   Our traffic and parking issues can be addressed with an intergrated public transit system that sees an improved bus system, better bike and walking trails, and park-and-ride systems that connect popular parts of town. (Read my letter to the Telegram defending public transit.)   The cost of living is rising as our economy changes, and we need to…

Photo : Dave Lane August 10, 2013

Jamie Baker - Longlines

Cod fodder - The recent pilot project announced by DFO to get fishermen to actually go catch cod on the south coast of Newfoundland got me thinking about how people view cod inside and outside the industry. If you happen to be one of those romantic-minded knuckleheads who believes the return of the mighty cod to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador would be the great and wonderful saviour of our fishery, please, keep reading. Your foolish and uninformed notions are due for an adjustment. First off, let me say quite clearly that cod, me b’ys, is less saviour and more bloody useless. Not only does cod eat the valuable species we really want to be fishing like crab and shrimp, but it’s not worth anything when we do catch it and we have no market for it. Most fishermen would prefer cod never came back. They are a nuisance! And now we hear that other cod fishing nations are about to swamp us all together in terms of both the available resource and market supply. It turns out they are rotten with high quality and well-marketed cod, and are ready to fully supply the global market with product. A recent report filed by Jason Holland of SeafoodSource in London, England noted that North Sea cod stocks have grown by 250 per cent in the past five years. “This turnaround has been achieved through a series of fishermen/scientist collaborations that have delivered better, more robust evidence upon which effective fisheries management decisions have been made in recent years,”…

Photo : Jamie Baker July 10, 2013