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Geoff Chaulk - Geoff Chaulk for Mayor

Affordable housing — a no-brainer - I volunteer with my church of choice, Gower Street United, at our Wednesdsay outreach lunch, to people in need in St. John's. I'm not there every Wednesday but was there today. I hadn't seen some of our guests since early in the summer.A recent Canadian study looked at the toll of poverty on people's lives and health. The study indicated that, no surprise, people are simply, and profoundly, worn down, and out, by the daily struggle to just survive, in the midst of their poverty. Today, in a few of our guests, I was taken aback by the physical changes I saw. Weight loss, exhausted-looking, empty, sad looks in their eyes. I have seen this before, too often.The common theme that I hear from people there, relates to the need for good quality affordable, social, non-profit housing. It's really a no-brainer. The need in our city is very real, and very big. Building housing is not rocket science, takes money, yes, but the pay-off to business, the city and our people, will be huge.Yet, for decades now the city's housing portfolio has not exceeded 500 units. The other 2 mayoral cnadidates, after the last four years of doing nothing in this regard, are now talking about the need for affordable housing, well at least O'keefe is anyway, O'Leary is promoting something called, 'flourishing neighbourhoods'.What's the best predictor of future behaviour - past behaviour. From O'Keefe, as his campaigns signs boldly say 'expect' leadership, and O'Leary says 'expect more'. If past behaviour predicts future behaviour, expect…

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Sarah Colborne Penney - Sarah Colborne Penney

So What's My Take on Public Transit? - Recently, a resident contacted me via my website ( inquiring about my position regarding public transit. At his suggestion, I thought it was worth sharing my response: Thank you for your questions.I believe public transportation is essential and must be improved, and in order to achieve this, we should be looking at public transportation from a regional perspective. Thousands of people on the Northeast Avalon do not have access to public transit; however, at the same time, this same area is experiencing unprecedented growth. The status quo is untenable, and the City must engage all stakeholders to come up with solutions. I believe a challenge is an opportunity, and this is clearly an opportunity to do public transit right. The Provincial Government will have to come to the table, as well as other municipalities in order to shift our emphasis from building roads, to improving public transit. I am interested in improving public transit’s efficiency and convenience while still maintaining a cost-effective service. To do this, public transit should be an important part of planning and development – not an afterthought. I am interested in the creation of “neighbourhoods not subdivisions”, in which residents can live, work, and engage in leisure activities without having to drive long distances. We need to engage in “intelligent development” – being mindful of the future environment we are creating today. The extension of infrastructure to accommodate low-density developments is wasteful of tax dollars.“More roads” is not the answer; instead we must try to alleviate our over-reliance on cars by…

Photo : Sarah Colborne Penney July 30, 2013

Dave Lane - Dave Lane for St. John's

A brief overview of Dave Lane's election platform - Over the past four years or so I have been spending my free time working with various community groups, associations, and my own volunteer organization, Happy City, to understand how our city works and how to make it better for everyone. (Learn more about me here.)   Informed by my experience with these organizations, I've developed a set of principles and policy directions. Now that I'm running for councillor at large in St. John's, it's important that I make my views clear to voters so you can make an informed choice.   Click here to read my platform.   In a nutshell, I believe that our city will be better if we are all given an opportunity to express our views and contribute to decision making. I've shown that there are effective ways to engage the public through the initiatives of Happy City—both online and in public meetings. I intend to bring these approaches with me to City Hall.   I believe we can find a balance between development and heritage, as I demonstrated by coordinating a document of shared values between the St. John's Board of Trade, Downtown St. John's, and the Newfoundland Historic Trust.   Our traffic and parking issues can be addressed with an intergrated public transit system that sees an improved bus system, better bike and walking trails, and park-and-ride systems that connect popular parts of town. (Read my letter to the Telegram defending public transit.)   The cost of living is rising as our economy changes, and we need to…

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Jamie Baker - Longlines

Cod fodder - The recent pilot project announced by DFO to get fishermen to actually go catch cod on the south coast of Newfoundland got me thinking about how people view cod inside and outside the industry. If you happen to be one of those romantic-minded knuckleheads who believes the return of the mighty cod to the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador would be the great and wonderful saviour of our fishery, please, keep reading. Your foolish and uninformed notions are due for an adjustment. First off, let me say quite clearly that cod, me b’ys, is less saviour and more bloody useless. Not only does cod eat the valuable species we really want to be fishing like crab and shrimp, but it’s not worth anything when we do catch it and we have no market for it. Most fishermen would prefer cod never came back. They are a nuisance! And now we hear that other cod fishing nations are about to swamp us all together in terms of both the available resource and market supply. It turns out they are rotten with high quality and well-marketed cod, and are ready to fully supply the global market with product. A recent report filed by Jason Holland of SeafoodSource in London, England noted that North Sea cod stocks have grown by 250 per cent in the past five years. “This turnaround has been achieved through a series of fishermen/scientist collaborations that have delivered better, more robust evidence upon which effective fisheries management decisions have been made in recent years,”…

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