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Photo : Maike van Niekerk August 11, 2014
Photo : Dave Walsh September 30, 2014

Joshua Dawson - Memoirs of a Genie

Accepting Deepak Chopra - The irony of listening to a guided Deepak Chopra mediation so I didn't freak out leading up to I Am Genie's Deepak event on Aug 2 wasn't lost on me.  His calming voice was doing its intended job.  Breathing slowed, thoughts drifted to whence they came and eventually stress disappeared into being.  With only a day left before the big day, I could feel the energy in the city changing.    Waiting in St John's airport 8 hours later, now absent of the soothing meditative voice, my thoughts again wandered.  What would the man Time Magazine deemed one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the 20th century and poet prophet of alternative medicine really be like?   What would I learn?  Would he like me?  Would we have anything in common?  Would he be what I imagined?  Were my guru-like expectations too high?  Would I be disappointed? When Deepak finally appeared in comfortable clothes and signature red shoes my first impression dashed expectations.  Instead of seeing one of the most spiritually influential people on the planet, master of my guided mediations and man who has written 80 plus books, I locked eyes with a still, sweet, intelligent man.  The type of man who embraced Jack Canfield's quote “What others think about you is none of your business.” Getting to know each other while driving to the hotel, Deepak asked a few questions about the Genie.  Nodding his head while keeping a very even keel as I spoke.  Sometimes asking follow-up questions but mostly…

Photo : Joshua Dawson August 28, 2014

Janet Bradbury-Pennell - Singing across Ireland

November 08, 2013

Singing across Ireland - What do you get when you cross 45 Newfoundland 50-plus choir members and an oversees flight to Ireland? A lot of singing and laughing and basically no sleep for anyone on board. That was the scene on Sept. 19 when members of the St. John's based Fortissimos and The Legatos Choirs, both directed by Janet Bradbury-Pennell boarded the Air Canada flight. With the assistance of a phenomenal tour leader, Hilda Pollard-Milley, there was a to-die-for itinerary awaiting them in Ireland. From start to finish, said Pennell, it was an exceptional experience! The whole idea of the trip was for those who hadn't experienced Ireland before to do so and also it was meant to bond the choir members, some of whom have been with the choir for seven years — some for only a few months. But from the get-go it was one-for all and all-for-one. We did three performances: one in Galway where we helped fundraise for a new roof for the 300-year old St. Kummins Church and where we met and spoke with most of the audience who all seemed to have a story to tell about Newfoundland and our connection. One of the local people was from our very own Avondale, a Mr. Flynn, who met and married an Irish lady while teaching in Labrador and then they both moved back to Galway 30 years ago. From Galway the choir travelled to Waterford where they performed at City Hall — the area where so many of the choirs' ancestors had left those…

Photo : Geoff Gallant September 18, 2013