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Next to being Neil Young, batting clean-up for the Boston Red Sox, or centering the Toronto Maple Leafs first line, journalism is the best job in the world. The work informs people, holds decision-makers accountable, and on occasion, evokes real change. It also introduces you to people from all walks of life, opens the mind to numerous topics, and provides a creative outlet. But despite all that good stuff, there are times when you need, and want, a break from the serious issues and constant deadlines. Those are the moments when you want to tell stories about different things, like how the neighbours react if you put chicken dung on the vegetable garden. Hence, this blog. Now, the intent is not to be a manure spreader or to bash the people next door. The goal isnt landscape-leveling political commentary or hard-hitting opinions on current affairs either. If people want that, they can read some of The Telegram columnists or seek out the countless bloggers who focus on that stuff. The aim of this glob...I mean blog... is to provide a diversion from the hectic pace of life. Readers will find an array of topics discussed. Fodder will come from my weird and varied interests as well as the little goals Im always setting for myself. That means the material will range from my on-going struggle to play Van Halens Eruption on guitar to recipes gone awry to a possible pledge to do all the housework for a month. (Just joking, Dear.) I also hope to put up other items web links, audio, videos, photos that catch my eye. Well, at least the ones that are clean enough to post. Hopefully youll enjoy (or at least check-in to waste a few minutes during work hours). Hopefully youll be sidetracked.

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