Running on empty

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There's good, bad and ugly news on the Tely 10 training front.

The good: runs are happening regularly and endurance is going up.

The bad: despite salads and single servings, the weight isn't going down.

The ugly: I might wear spandex short shorts on race day.

OK, that last one was bull.

There are at least three UN resolutions, 81 pieces of federal legislation and one City of St. John's heritage by-law that prohibits me from wearing any type of spandex clothing.

Anyway, I'm satisfied with the running aspect of the training.

The distance travelled over 30 minutes could be always longer, but so could weekends, Caribbean vacations and Lost, even though I can't piece together what in the name of Jacob is going on after this week's episode.

As for my unmoving poundage, let's just say that's weighing heavy on me.

I'm eating well light breakfasts, salads for lunch and single servings for supper but the bulge isn't budging.

So, to meet my goal of a 90-minute Tely time, I've got to make a few adjustments.

And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Like drinking less beer!

(There is a large collective GASP from out of nowhere.)

That sharply drawn breath was made by brewery executives around the world.

As if the global recession wasn't bad enough for them, now they've got to deal with the apoc-ale-lypse.

Seriously though, I only crack open a couple on weekends, but I suspect it's hindering my quest to stop resembling a bald version of McDonaldland's Grimace.

So, I'm going to try and limit myself to one or two beer a week.

It's going to be quite a challenge, especially this time of year, because I love the taste, especially on a hot day, with Chris Issak providing the soundtrack, the barbecue fired up, steaks searing, a bunch of friends havin' a time, someone passing around a basket of wings as an appetizer....


But to lower the weight, limiting the lager is a necessary ev-ale.

So starting this weekend, when kicking back or socializing, I'll attempt to just grin...and not beer it.

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