Happy May 2-4; don't tell Mom about her mascara

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Ahhh, May 2-4 (well, 1-8).

It's the weekend that changes the pace and signifies summer's start even though the forecast calls for six or seven degrees Sunday and it wouldn't surprise anyone if it snowed at some point between now and Tuesday.

Anyway, this time of year gets me really pumped.

I love the stuff of the season... barbecues, beer, the Boston Red Sox, gardening, the great outdoors, the Tely 10, and vacations.

And this year, I'm looking forward to something besides all that.

Something a little different.

Something like a... um... a... seeing a 60-year-old man in leather pants and makeup!

It's not what you think.

I'm talking about Gene Simmons.

KISS is playing the Halifax Commons July 18 and, with any luck, I'll be there, going absolutely cracked in a rock down memory lane.

This band was a huge part of my childhood.

KISS Destroyer was the first album I ever owned.

The walls and roof of my bedroom were plastered with KISS posters.

And I used to pretend to be Gene Simmons, painting my face with mom's mascara, stretching my tongue until it hurt, and letting ketchup, cream soda and other red liquids stream over my chin.

I was a soldier in the KISS Army.

These days, I march to a different drum.

My taste in music has changed, but I still get hyped to hear the opening riffs of Detroit Rock City, Deuce or Domino.

And that's why I can't wait for the KISS concert, to feel that excitement and be 12 years old again.

Yup, that's one of the powers of music.

I can't wait to experience it or the spectacle that is KISS.

That weekend should be one to remember.

Just like I hope this one is for you.

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