Dish liquid disaster diffused

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Soaps scuds are spewing from the dishwasher. Either North Korea is inside it conducting tests or I used dish liquid instead of dishwasher detergent. I cant be 100 per cent certain, but I suspect its the lather...I mean, latter. This is the kind of careless mistake thats made me famous with family, friends, in-laws and George Street hot dog venders, who refuse to let me near the condiments. My wife is in another room, oblivious to the foaming chaos in the kitchen. The froth covers the floor, rising like a quickly poured beer. So I take a swig. It doesnt taste like a Stella or even Jockey. The lather nears knee level, growing like The Blob ( Ahhhh! Nothing is safe. I frantically leap into the lather and begin beating the bubbles back with beach towels. That, combined with rinse cycle, averts the dish soap disaster. I pat myself on the back. My wife doesnt suspect a thing. But then.. the dishwasher gargles, switches to a second wash cycle and launches more soap scuds. @#$$%%^! Frothing at the mouth, I dive back into the fizzing fray. My wife walks in and rolls her eyes. Im lying on the floor, spinning around in suds and large towels. I stop short of blaming North Korea, bragging about running a bubble bath for her, or pointing out the danger I've enountered. Instead, I come clean and tell her what happened. I also stress how spotless the floor is.

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  • Kim
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    How much does he get paid for this stuff?