Junkfood jackpot in Brigus

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Theres been a shocking discovery on a take-out menu in Brigus.

Deep-fried Mars bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was ineffable! says a guy who ate one and resorted to Rex Murphy-like language. And ineffable means it was beyond words, not that I couldnt describe it without using an F-word.

EE Takeout wraps Mars bars in a tortilla-like wrap and throws them in a deep fryer.

Its a culinary technique with the potential to make anything taste fantastic, even VISA statements and Celine Dion music.

The guy we interviewed he actually writes this blog says that when he walked into EE, he was hungry enough to get some dark vinegar and eat Hill OChips.

He ordered the deep-fried Mars bars on impulse and was blown away by the ooey gooey maddness that resulted.

It was as big as birch junk, golden brown and topped with chocolate syrup. I took one mouthful, jumped out of my car and did a 6-49 happy dance. Junk food jackpot!

He says the people in the next car saw noticed his Bird Dance-like gyration and asked if he was experiencing extreme pain in the region medical specialists describe as the groin.

The guy says he hasnt eaten since his trip to EE, but that he expects to want food again some time in the next millennium.

When his hunger returns, he says hes going for a Mars bar wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried to a golden brown state with a melted Marsy, chocolatety boom inside.(Please insert Homer Simpson-like Whoo-Hoo.)

Rewrite Canadas Food Guide, he says. This thing, and beer, should have their own food groups. Im not surprised property values in Brigus have skyrocketed...to Mars.

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  • Stephanie
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    E&E is quite possibly the best place for chicken! Can't wait to get home for a feed!!