What do you say about childbirth?

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Ive been tinkering with a blog about childbirth for days.

Its the hardest thing Ive ever written.

I dont know where to start or what to say, and Im really not sure what people are interested in knowing.

Do they care I was excited enough to do a Carlton Banks dance when my son was born?

Do they want to know tears of joy poured down my face when the boy arrived (the sex was a surprise, but I would have cried anyway)?

And is there an appetite for details about the magic of an epidural or the beautiful help one nurse provided?

Besides, how do you sum up your childs entry into the world, and how precious every second of it was, without making readers gag with sentiment? (Granted some may be interested in knowing there was no repeat of what happened in the obstetrician's office a few months ago. I stuck around for the whole thing and only felt queasy once.)

And, in a blog about birth, do you mention how helpless you felt as your wife pushed and pushed with all her might for hours?

Do you write about the euphoria that permeated the case room when the young one finally decided to join us after 15 hours of labour (even the doctors and nurses were bubbling with joy?)

Who knows what people want to know about this topic? Not me, for sure. Ive written about thousands of topics, but this one like being a dad is brand new.

However, its such a significant thing I feel compelled to write about it, if only to make a few points.

Perhaps people care to read and/or remember that everyone enters the world through a magical and wondrous event that showcases how amazing the human body is.

Maybe readers care or need to be reminded that all babies enter the world accompanied by hope and dreams.

And folks may want to remember and realize how precious every child is even when he pees on you a 3:11 a.m.

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  • P.J.
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    In answer to your questions, you write about exactly what you just did, and you write about it beautifully, as you just did. And your readers will be moved and thrilled to read it, as I was.