When a smart phone is too smart

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Its the best Christmas present since Gwyneth in 1999. Gwenyth, a fiddle, has provided countless hours of fun, plus some enormous doses of frustration (Little #$%^ Beggarman? arrgh!). This latest great gift is an iPhone. Like Gwyneth, it has given plenty-o-good times. Its been awesome to explore the smart phones amazing capabilities, like the way it transcribes voice messages into text or how videos can be edited with the touch of a thumb. Its also been a riot to download the various apps, everything from PAC-MAN and Glow Hockey to Archie comics and a carpenters level (not that Mr. Butt Crack here will use a level much). And the iPhone has been used a lot for work stories, blogs, live web updates, photos and videos have all been produced on the gadget. Until this week, the gift hadnt caused any fiddle-like frustration or disappointment. (Yes, Gwyneth is still loved, but the phone is a tad easier to understand and people dont get as mad when you play for hours.) Things changed with the downloading of a body mass index (BMI) calculator. The app was free, and it seemed neat to have such tool at the tap of a finger. The app-eal ended instantly with the first BMI calculation. Fully anticipating it to say overweight or something to that effect, never in a zillion years was an answer of obese expected. Ahhhhhh! Time to get really freakin serious about this healthy lifestyle thing thats been kicked around for years and everyone is tired of hearing about. And so the great gift is now more than a gizmo of productivity and fun. Its also a reminder and motivator to morph into a shape other than round. Yup, unlike Gwyneth, it turns out the BMiPhone as its now known isnt all about fiddling around.

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