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I’ve been struggling with a blog about breastfeeding, and it’s making me feel like a complete boob.

Someone said they’d like to hear my thoughts on the topic since my wife recently nursed our boy and because it was World Breastfeeding Week.

It is indeed a great subject, but not one my creative side latched onto.

Despite numerous attempts, I wasn’t able to pump anything out.

And that has me nursing the notion of why.

It should come naturally, after all, and not be a let-down.

But it is and that sucks, ’cause I pride myself on being able to milk topics for what they’re worth.

This inability to blog about breastfeeding, I’ve concluded, is likely the result of deep respect for the activity and the moms who do it.

It’s challenging, frustrating and time consuming, yet super beneficial, rewarding and wonderful for mother and child. Breast fed is best fed, as the saying goes.

Still, lactation hasn’t been a source of blog inspiration, perhaps because I find myself unable to be sarcastic or silly about it.

I’ve managed 213 words this time around, and that’s about as much as I can extract.

Time to wean myself away and onto a new topic; one that doesn’t make me feel like such a dumbtit.

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