Double Down the hatch

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I won’t give in and try a Double Down.

I won’t give in and try a Double Down.

I won’t give in and try a Double Down.

I won’t give in and try a Double Down ... Hopefully this Bart Simpson-esque blackboard approach works and I won’t cave to the constant taste temptation of the new KFC comestible.

Mmmm ... the Double Down. Two pieces of chicken, bacon, cheese, some sauce from the old Colonel (Yeeew!) and enough salt to keep Northeast Avalon's roads free of snow all winter.

It sounds gorge-ous (something worthy of gorging on, for those fortunate enough not to speak Stephenese).

But while it no doubt tastes terrific, the Double Down presents the potential for dietary disaster and I'm determined to stay the Kentucky Fried away.

And that, sadly, makes me feel as old and boring as Showcase’s new Friday night line-up.

Twenty, 15, even 10 years ago, it'd be double down the hatch because I didn't give a fiddler’s fork what was crammed in the old gob.

Things are different now. I'm bigger than a Metrobus thanks to past culinary crimes (and beer), and healthy eating has taken presedence over everything except my family and iPhone.

Still, the Colonel’s creation tantalizes and taunts, probably because I’ve resolved not to have one and every second commercial reminds us the Double Down is, UNLIKE Trooper, here for a good time and not a long time.

Hopefully, I can stay the course and avoid succumbing to this super sandwich’s seduction.

It’ll be awfully tough today though. I forgot lunch.

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Recent comments

  • Debbie
    October 27, 2010 - 09:16

    Chris: It's been available in the US for months. That's odd though, to "run out" of them. Isn't it just the chicken from their chicken sandwiches? This makes me even more wary of it.

  • Chris Rose
    October 26, 2010 - 22:46

    Well you won't have to worry. Sunday evening my wife and I went to try a Double Down. This was against our better judgement as it looks like a coronary waiting to happen just like a Baconator and some other horrid indulgences. So we ventured to one KFC. We were met with "No sorry we are out of the Double Down." Out of the Double Down? "Yup" grbumbled the clerk. We went to ANOTHER KFC (yup we're crazy!). We find a drunk guy at the counter grumbling about something or other with the clerk. Was ask again for the Double Down. "No, Sorry there are no Double Downs available in Canada. We ran out on Saturday." This is what the drunk guy was muttering about. We orderd some other over priced crap in a box. Apparantly the advertising of the Double Down being available in Canada for the first time ever has worked. That said; I've never heard of a Double Down anywhere else in the world... so I don't know where they've had it previously. Marketing tip: Tell everyone its the first time available ever and make it seem like a limited time offer; you'll make a fortune.