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  • Student shouts sexist remark at TV crew

    The crew, who were both male, as well as a male Telegram photojournalist who also heard the remark, were filming students on the crosswalks in ...

  • Seaborne skyscraper

    The ship, which can hold 3,600 passengers and nearly 1,400 crew, is visiting Newfoundland on its voyage to New York. Here is the passenger ...

  • Princess in port

  • Surprise trip for Beaconsfield students

    The students are part of Global Club and participated in We Are Silent last year, taking a vow of silence for those who don’t have a voice. They ...

  • Tank takes tumble

    His injuries are not considered to be serious. The tank was releasing nitrogen through an emergency release valve.

  • Happy to give thanks

    The cards were placed inside Happy Meal boxes with customers’ orders. The couple’s son was premature and faced several medical challenges when ...

  • Wave over wave

    Rough seas were the order of the day on the northeast part of the island portion of the province on the tail end of wet weather that struck ...

  • Cops crossing

    They were on their way to visit passengers of the cruise ship AIDAdiva.

  • Hit-and-run driver removes licence plate, flees scene

    The two vehicles collided in the middle of the intersection. The driver of one vehicle fled the scene after reportedly removing the licence plate ...

  • No injuries in afternoon truck accident