Want an Aston Martin Cygnet? Buy a Vantage First!

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In June of last year, Aston Martin unveiled the Cygnet, which is an ultra-compact concept car based on the Toyota iQ. The Cygnet retains the essential exterior styling of the Toyota IQ except for the front grille, which is quintessentially Does that front grille look familiar? It should if you're an Aston Martin fan. (Photo: Aston Martin)
Aston. This projects a very unusual image, to be sure, but coming in at around $35,000, it has the potential to pull in car lovers who like the cachet of an Aston luxury city car, but don't like the price.

Any such plans, however, will have to be put on hold, as Aston has announced that the Cygnet will only be available to existing owners of full-size Astons. So, buy a V8 Vantage for $120,000 and then you can enjoy the bargain of a Aston Martin promises to make the interior luxurious and very customizable. (Photo: Aston Martin)
Cygnet at $35,000.

The CEO of Aston Martin, Ulrich Bez, has stated that environmental issues are "front of conscience," implying directly that the Cygnet is targeted at the wealthy who purchased an Aston and wish to lean green, but with a greater degree of luxury.

This said, if enough Aston buyers decide micro-car luxury is the way to go, the little Cygnet should also help the brand's less than appealing CAFE rating in the US, as well as meet other average fuel economy and emissions rating systems in markets where Aston Martins are sold.

Aston has been cagey on details, but at least they're saying production is planned to be limited to about 2,000 models per year. They will not say definitively when production begins, but maintain that the first Cygnets will roll out sometime before the end of the year.

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