Camaro gets new V6 engine for 2012

Andross Moonah - CAP staff
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Chevrolet`s latest Camaro has garnered popularity ever since it starred in the 2007 summer blockbuster, Transformers. For the 2012 model year, Chevrolet`s Camaro will get a new V6 engine that is claimed to offer more power, fewer emissions and better fuel economy.

The new V6 is a 3.6-litre unit with direct injection and a rather unique cylinder head design. Chevrolet says the engine`s cylinder head and its accompanying two exhaust manifolds are both part of a single aluminum casting.

The integrated exhaust manifolds replace a cast iron unit with six bolts, as well as a gasket and heat shield with three bolts. The design change apparently eliminates the chance of a gasket failure and saves 6 kg (13 lbs) of overall engine weight. Additionally, Chevrolet says the new engine helps the 2012 Camaro 2LS achieve an EPA estimated equivalent of 7.8 L/100km.

"Reducing engine mass of this magnitude doesn't happen often," said GM Assistant Chief Engineer for V6 Engines, Ameer Haider. "Engineering usually looks for reduction in terms of grams not pounds. It's just like removing a set of golf clubs from your car when you don't need them – ultimately it saves fuel. When combined with other mass reductions, the customer will see better fuel economy over time with better performance."

Extensive simulation and bench testing was conducted on the new engine`s cylinder-head airflow. Chevrolet says that intake airflow improved by 7 percent while exhaust airflow improved by 10 percent. The improvements make for an 11 horsepower increase over the previous V6 for a total of 323 horsepower.

Chevrolet says the new engine`s catalytic converter is mounted closer to the engine which allows for the emission reduction process to start sooner.

The new V6 also has a reduction in width of 117 mm. The width reduction allows for more packaging space and should make maintenance tasks more manageable. Furthermore, the reduced surface area of the engine allows for a 1 decibel reduction in idle noise.

"The new, patented design benefits the customer in all the key areas without any tradeoffs," said Haider. "Emissions, performance, fuel economy, and noise all improve with the integrated exhaust manifold."

The Camaro`s new V6 engine will be available for the 2012 model, which should reach Canadian Chevrolet dealers shortly. In addition to the current crop of Camaros, the new V6 will be featured on the special 45th Anniversary Camaro that will also be available for the 2012 model year.

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