Ferrari Reveals Awesome New 599 GTO

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For a small company, relative to mainstream brands, Ferrari has a full lineup of models and updates them more often than a lot of major players.  Each is special, but some are more special than others.  Enter the 599 GTO, a car that the prancing horse brand holds in such high esteem that it's endowed it with a name as legendary as the iconic marque itself. 

It all started with the 250 GTO of the '60s, followed up by the radical 288 GTO of the '80s.  Now the latest to wear the Gran Turismo Omologato badge is about to shake up the supercar status quo when it makes its first public entrance at the Beijing Motor Show later this month.

The 599 GTO bridges the gap between the larger volume 599 GTB Fiorano and the track-special 599XX.  It gets the same 6.0-litre V12 as the Fiorano, a descendent of the Enzo, but output goes from 612 horsepower to 661, while torque increases by 9 lb-ft to 457. 

Torque, critical at takeoff, will be less of an issue in the GTO thanks to the result of a weight loss program that sees the new model some 195 kilos (430 lbs) lighter than the 599 GTB Fiorano, at 1,495 kilograms (3,295 lbs).  This allows a charge to 100 km/h in only 3.35 seconds, while the terminal velocity is a mean 335 km/h (208 mph).  Was it coincidence that the GTO's sprint time to 100 and top speed arrive are near identical twins (other than the decimal point)?  Probably, but impressive just the same.  Another stat that should impress is the 599 GTO's Fiorano track lap time of only 1 minute, 24 seconds, which, if you've kept track, makes it quicker than the Enzo. 

Stylistically the GTO is reworked from the GTB Fiorano, with a new vented hood, revised front splitter, revamped side sills, new diffuser, rear spoiler, and wheels of course, the latter featuring 10 spokes and a 20-inch diameter, plus the inclusion of F1-style wheel donuts to improve aerodynamics. 

Considering the state of the world economy it's amazing to some that a £300,000 (equivalent of $461,000 CAD) sports car can find 599 buyers, the limited allotment available, but Ferrari never seems to have a problem finding buyers for its specialty cars, or its more mainstream ones.

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