Ford MyKey lets parents block Sirius radio stations with explicit content

Trevor Hofmann - CAP staff
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Ford's innovative MyKey technology is already luring in concerned parents for its ability to limit maximum speed plus keep the stereo's volume within reasonable decibel levels, and the Dearborn-based automaker is hoping that the updated system's newfound ability to censor satellite radio stations featuring questionable content will be another reason for new car buyers to consider purchasing a Ford.

"Ford wants to give parents peace of mind that their kids are following practical household rules in the car," says Graydon Reitz, director, Ford Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering. "Parents obviously like this type of feature, and many teens are okay with it when they hear parents may give them the keys more often if the car comes with a technology such as Ford's MyKey."

Don't want your kids listening to hip hop music with explicit lyrics, Playboy Radio or Howard Stern's outrageous commentary? These aren't the only Sirius stations that beam in adult entertainment, so being able to block them can make your car as teen-friendly as the cable-blocking systems for the TV in your family room.

Additionally, MyKey's aforementioned speed-limiting capability has been improved to allow parents to choose one of four preset limits starting with 105 km/h (65 mph), and then followed by 110, 120 and 130 km/h (70, 75 and 80 mph). Of course, this feature isn't only limited to parents, whereas fleet managers may want to limit the speed of their company vehicles to minimize wear and tear and save on fuel. Commuters may find the limiter useful for reducing fuel consumption too. The old MyKey only allowed speed limits to be limited to 130 km/h (80 mph), with reminder chimes sounding at 70, 90 and 105 km/h (45, 55 and 65 mph).

"Like graduated licensing laws, MyKey helps parents set reasonable limits for teens as they're building driving skills," Reitz added. "We developed MyKey's functions in such a way as to quickly spread it across multiple vehicle lines, giving us the ability to go mass market in the spirit of other Ford innovations such as SYNC."

Along with limiting speed and radio volume, MyKey continues forward with the same capabilities as the old system such as muting the radio until front occupants buckle their seatbelts and giving the driver an earlier low fuel warning.

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