Ford updates MyFord Touch for 2013

Andross Moonah - CAP staff
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Ford's MyFord Touch in-car infotainment system has been significantly upgraded. The upgrades will first appear on the 2013 Ford Escape, Flex and Taurus, and will be made available to owners of compatible older models on a USB stick, free of charge.

Although MyFord Touch was introduced just over a year ago, Ford has been listening to customer feedback in regard to how improvements can be made. "Our goal when designing the upgrade was to simplify the screens and give customers a fast and easy way to get information at any given moment," said Jennifer Brace, user interface design engineer for Ford. "That meant removing buttons, relocating high-use controls closer to the driver's reach, simplifying tasks and improving font size."

As Brace mentions, MyFord Touch has gone through a number of improvements which should help to satisfy the desires of Ford's customers. The upgrades include font sizes that are wider and bolder and as much as 40 percent larger than before. Over 1,000 screens have been updated with the improved visuals and the touch-screen interface also features faster response times; a popular request of MyFord Touch users.

The upgrades to MyFord Touch also include updated maps with more 3D landmarks, plus photorealistic images of highway junctions and signs. Additionally, Bluetooth phone connectivity has been upgraded, with better noise and echo cancelation during phone calls and improved automatic Bluetooth connection upon vehicle entry.

Another upgrade is improved voice recognition during music searches. According to Ford, drivers can now find artists with hard-to-pronounce names or nicknames. Voice command response times are also claimed to be at least two times faster in this latest version of MyFord Touch when compared to the current system.

Available next year, the enhanced version of MyFord Touch offers the kind of in-car connectivity usually reserved for premium luxury vehicles. As in-car infotainment systems become more popular, Ford's practice of listening to and acting upon customer feedback is one that more automakers should adopt.

"The keys to continuous improvement are simple: Listen, learn and respond. That's how we're going to keep our customers happy," said Gary Jablonski, manager, SYNC Platform Development. "Evolving the software with meaningful enhanced features was part of our plan from the very beginning. It's no different than the experience with our smartphones and laptop computers – except now, it's your car that gets better."

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