2010 Honda Civic Si Coupe Road Test

Alexandra Straub - CAP staff
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My best friend was recently visiting from out of town, which only meant one thing… Trouble! Not the 'bad' kind of trouble, but the kind where I would be in pain for days from laughing so hard. Or the kind that would force me to up my exercise regime because we'd consume an entire batch of homemade cookies in one sitting. I can liken this kind of relationship to the 2010 Honda Civic Si Coupe. Put me behind the wheel of this sport-tuned vehicle and there's a good chance of some trouble. The good kind, of course. Either way, a good time is pretty much guaranteed. 
Of all the characteristics of the Si that I enjoy, the ability to 'put its game face on and then take it off' is by far my favourite. What do I mean by that? Well, the Si can either be driven like a normal everyday two-door by keeping the revs low, or it can be driven the way it was bred for by revving the rpms high. Whichever way it's being handled, there's no letdown. In fact, I love its ability to change personalities from a tame city car to a mean, race-ready machine just by letting the revs climb on up. Whichever mode I was operating in, I had no problem putting the 197 horsepower and 139 lb-ft torque generated from 2.0-litre, 16-valve, DOHC, i-VTEC 4-cylinder to good use.
The six-speed manual transmission linked to the 2.0L engine definitely gets a high five from me. Its short throws and deliciously cute aluminum and leather shift knob make for impressive gear changes with a stylish flare. Not to mention the clutch isn't uber stiff so city driving wasn't as unpleasant as it could potentially be. On that note, the clutch still has enough spring in it to give it that sporty feel tuner enthusiasts or sport-compact lovers are looking for. What people won't find on the Si is an automatic transmission. This two-door (or four-door if so desired) bundle of fun only comes with the manual transmission. It also comes with pretty decent fuel economy for such an ambitious vehicle using an estimated 10.2L/100km in the city and 6.8L/100km on the highway. The only negative to this is that its performance-oriented nature requires premium fuel, which can definitely add up at the pump.
When it comes to handling, the Si has it in the bag. Not only does it glide effortlessly through sinuous roads it sure can hold its own at highway speeds and through tight turns. Complete with a sport-tuned suspension, a limited-slip differential, grippy P215/45R17 all-season tires and 17" aluminum-alloy wheels and more, that's a winning, and an extremely fun combination underneath the sleek Dyno Blue Pearl body. Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Traction Control is also a standard feature on the Si, but it is no party crasher. There were times when they needed to manifest themselves, but did so without making me feel like I was at their mercy, i.e. they didn't take the fun out of functional. When I was at the mercy of, lets say, traffic signals however, the standard 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS and EBD slowed me right down in a jiffy.
Visibility, like most coupes, isn't great. It was particularly unfavourable out the rear window since the rear wing spoiler is rather prominent and takes up a fair amount of room. Also, the C-pillars are quite wide, which, in turn, make rear side windows pretty small. Mind you, I didn't have any problems with my blind spots. What I'd like to see is perhaps the integration of a rearview camera. This would help a lot, especially when parallel parking and backing up.
Noting things I'd like to see literally and figuratively, the incorporation of a hands-free mobile device system would be a definite plus to the Si since it doesn't come with one. Even though there are plenty of great standard features in the Si, this would make it even better, especially with new laws in BC prohibiting the use of mobile devices when driving. I'd also like to see the Civic Si with a new look on the inside and out. I know that's a rather bold request, but I've loved watching the evolution of one of Canada's best-selling cars and can barely wait for its next metamorphosis.
Echoing the words of my mom who said, "Fun doesn't come for free." I guess I agree with this but I also think that it doesn't mean that fun has to be expensive! This is indeed the case with the 2010 Honda Civic Coupe Si since it has an MSRP of $25,880 ($27,275 including the $1,395 for Freight and PDI). While that may sound like a significant amount in comparison to the base Civic Coupe, which has an MSRP of $16,190 (excluding Freight and PDI), the justification is in the fun factor. And trust me, there is one. If only my husband had a dollar for every time I said, "Weeeeeeeee," he'd be laughing all the way to the bank.

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