Blue2 concept shows off future design from Hyundai

Andross Moonah - CAP staff
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Hyundai Motor Company chose the 2011 Seoul Motor Show to debut its innovative Blue2 (pronounced "Blue square") concept car. The Blue2 is a midsized Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) powered by hydrogen. Hyundai says this particular concept alludes to future sedan design at Hyundai and the name Blue2 is a blend of Hyundai's 'Blue Drive' environmental branding and the number '2' from H2, the symbol for hydrogen gas.

As South Korea's largest automaker, Hyundai is committed to gaining an early lead in the FCEV market. FCEV vehicles are known for impressive fuel economy and harmless emissions. The Blue2 concept is no different. In fact, in terms of its fuel economy, the Blue2 is said to achieve an astounding 34.9 kilometres per litre. The concept car's low-resistance tires and aerodynamic alloy wheels help to deliver the impressive fuel economy. The car is also claimed to generate a stack power output of 120 horsepower.

The exterior styling of the Blue2 looks very futuristic. Blacked out A and B pillars make the cabin look more like the cockpit of a spacecraft, while side cameras replace the conventional side mirrors. A camera on the Blue2's roof also improves the driver's visibility.

Inside, the Blue2 is teeming with innovative technology. A Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor relays graphic information to the driver. The concept's infotainment system is controlled by what Hyundai calls a Motion Sensor Moustick and haptic wheel, which responds to the driver's touch and hand movements. The futuristic look of the interior is also accomplished through the use of eco-friendly materials. Another notable feature is the cluster ionizer, which Hyundai says improves interior air quality.

Concept cars like the Blue2 will help Hyundai reach its future goals, as President and CEO of Hyundai Motors, Steve S. Yang explains.

"We will ceaselessly introduce world-class products of the best quality to overcome the difficult market environment and turn it into an opportunity, while modestly listening to the voice of the customer," said Yang, further adding that Hyundai is focused on "improving quality, creating new values through new thinking, and developing advanced eco-friendly technologies to contribute to a greener society."
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