2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe Road Test Review

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Screaming along the twisting, undulating canyon road in Infiniti's new IPL G Coupe, smiling broadly, I'm thinking to myself, "Man, Infiniti's really on to something here!"

IPL is Infiniti Performance Line, the unwieldy moniker Nissan's premium brand has affixed to the cars it tweaks for higher performance. The idea is to give Infiniti buyers a step up from its sport models while still slotting in as a more reasonably priced bridge to BMW's M, Cadillac's V, Audi's S, and Mercedes-Benz's AMG cars. Given Infiniti's cars already offer significant bang for the buck performance-wise, tweaking them adds considerable value to the proposition. Particularly since Infiniti consciously makes strides to keep pricing below sixty grand.

The first car to wear the violet and red IPL logo is the 2011 IPL G Coupe and frankly, the modifications do make a difference. The IPL Coupe handles better, sounds more aggressive, revs more freely, and boasts an additional 18 horsepower along with 6 more pound-feet of torque.

On the attack through a stack of switchbacks, it's easy to sense where the extra money was spent. Body roll is reduced significantly; the car sticks with considerably more tenacity, and booting the throttle brings the rear end around nice and crisply.

The suspension revisions made to the G37 for the IPL configuration actually improve handling while maintaining the G37 Coupe's status as a comfortable grand tourer. In fact, driven back-to-back, the G37S actually feels floaty in comparison to the IPL G Coupe, and the G37S could never have been previously described as floaty.

In the handling department, spring rates are increased by 20 percent; lighter weight 19-inch wheels and more aggressive shocks are also specified. To get the deeper sound, a true dual exhaust system with larger diameter pipes and a reworked muffler system is fitted. The recalibrated engine management system, taking advantage of the freer flowing exhaust, raises the maximum horsepower point to 7,400 rpm (up from 7,000) and the torque curve is tuned to become more linear. The statistical result is 348 horsepower (up from 330) and 276 lb-ft of torque (up from 270). The visceral result is more acceleration in the mid-range, as well as a smoother wind to redline.

Other differentiating features include a new aero kit and two colour combinations: Malbec Black (more maroon than black) with a red leather interior or Asgard Grey exterior paint with a graphite black leather interior.

Equipment-wise the IPL G Coupe is a fully loaded model with every G37 Coupe option as standard. Pricing starts at $57,200 for the six-speed manual and the same $57,200 for the seven-speed automatic. One caveat, if you go six-speed manual, you're locked into the Malbec Black colour combination, but this time with a black leather interior.
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