2011 Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe Road Test Review

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Streaking across the valley floor, as true as a beam streaming from a laser, the thin strip of pavement converges upon itself before disappearing into the distance. For seventy miles it streaks across the desert this way between two of the nine mountain ranges in eastern Nevada. Ripping along the asphalt the Infiniti is purring like a large jungle cat enjoying a particularly gratifying meal.

It's the longest day of the year and we're romping along the highway Life magazine dubbed the "Loneliest Road In America" back in July of 1986. The pavement passes through country so desolate it knifes through a test range for Navy fighters. And though it also strings together tiny towns like Eureka, Ely and Austin, US 50 is one of the reasons Nevada didn't post numeric speed limits in rural areas prior to 1973.

The Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe is perfect for this application. Covering 70 miles (112 km) in 33 minutes in the G is as mundane as walking from your bedroom to your kitchen, (assuming of course, you live indoors). Admittedly drawn to Highway 50 for its wide-open potential, I expected to be running fast, no doubt. But I didn't have a predetermined number in my head. The goal was simply to find a pace on those near infinite straights at which the Infiniti felt right, and then let it do what it wanted to do in order to learn what it was truly capable of. Said pace turned out to be faster than even I wanted to travel, so I settled in at 4,000 rpm in high gear and marveled at the outstanding smoothness and stability of this remarkable automobile on this amazing highway.

Fast and comfortable, the very personification of Grand Touring, the G37 S enables its driver and one lucky guest to rocket across the desert at an incredible rate of speed, entertained by their choice of Satellite radio, Compact Disc, iPod, or whatever programming you've chosen to upload to the Infiniti's hard drive. Me personally? I was grooving on Miles Davis appropriately blowing Summertime with a chilled bottle of water at my elbow, the climate control set to 72 degrees (22 Celsius), and the icons on the nav screen streaking along at an amazing pace-I couldn't help but grin.

As rollicking as the straights are, they're connected by nine mountain passes. This makes for a lot of variety. You go from streaking across a valley floor like a German billionaire on the Autobahn, to clipping apexes and surfing sweepers like Sebastian Vettel charging to retake the lead in a Grand Prix. Then, you descend onto another of those straights and the process repeats. It's as if the road was built specifically to reveal all of the Infiniti's strengths.

Sharing its front mid-engine platform with Nissan's 370Z, the Infiniti is essentially a luxurious 370Z 2+2. Sharing the sports car's agility, strong acceleration, intuitive steering and impressive braking, the G37 combines the driving pleasure of a sports car with the comfort and sophistication of a near-luxury sedan. And thus you find yourself streaking along your favourite open road in supreme comfort.

Albeit with a growl following you around that sounds for all the world like something born in Maranello (the home of Ferrari automobiles). The 3.7-litre V6 in the G37 produces 330 horsepower and 270 ft-lbs of torque. The engine winds freely, pulls mightily and really establishes the character of any vehicle in which it is installed.

To accompany this engine, Nissan endowed the G37 with a lightweight double wishbone suspension system in front and a multi-link arrangement in the rear. This enables the car to corner nice and flat, while still maintaining a semblance of a comfortable ride. With the sport package on my test car, some say the car rides a bit stiffly, but I found it to be an acceptable trade-off for the capability with which it endowed the coupe.

I've already waxed enthusiastically over the equipment carried by the G37; the interior design deserves equal praise however. Just as in the 370Z, the steering wheel and instrument panel adjust up and down as a unit, so you always have an optimal view of the instruments. The seats are comfortable and even include thigh bolsters. Over the course of my six-hour drive on High 50, I found them to be especially supportive and not at all fatigue inducing.

All in all, the G37 coupe is a highly competitive automobile in the segment it occupies, (one that includes the venerable BMW 3 Series cars BTW). Anyone considering an entry-level luxury GT car would do well to test-drive the G37 Coupe.

Pricing starts at $46,700.
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