Maserati Planning Midsize M5 Competitor

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There are auto news stories that just make sense and then there are some that leave us with our heads shaking.  Thoughts of Maserati returning to the midsize sport sedan arena do both, it makes absolute sense from a business point of view and simultaneously makes our heads shake, but with the latter they're shaking vertically. 

Certainly, we'd give the nod to a smaller sport sedan from the company that brought exotic into the realm of relative affordability.  The thought of Maserati's Ferrari-derived V8 stuffed into a smaller, lighter package will likely get enthusiasts whipped up into a collective frenzy, and for good reason. 

What makes this story more than just mouth-watering speculation is that it's very real.  News of a smaller sport sedan comes as part of an announcement made by Fiat, Maserati's parent company, which stated that a new sub-Quattroporte four-door would be part of its five-year growth strategy. 

Rather than target Audi's A6, BMW's 5 and Mercedes-Benz' regular E-Class directly, the new Maserati Quattroporte-lite will be positioned higher on the pecking order, more directly against the S6, M5 and E63 AMG, with performance to match and likely a price that comes close to these legendary German sport sedans, but far less than the entry point for the current larger Quattroporte. 

The Quattroporte, mind you, is not as large as full-size rivals from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and now Jaguar, which has finally shown up with a serious competitor in the full-size premium sedan segment.  Therefore, the Q will likely grow to its former mid '70s through late '80s Quattroporte III size, when it stole the hearts of well-heeled yuppies the world over.  A larger more opulent Quattroporte would be in keeping with the brand's history too, which offered a Quattroporte Royale variant in 1986 as its top-line flagship model. 

More speculative, a smaller bodied and overall lighter midsize sport sedan could lend itself to a smaller and sportier coupe and roadster bearing the Trident front and back.  Could a modern-day Mistral be in our future?  Collective Maseratisti fingers are crossed.

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