MINI announces new two-seater Coup

Andross Moonah - CAP staff
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The compact and sub-compact class of sporty automobiles is a relatively small one. Despite this, automotive enthusiasts are usually excited by such cars and new entrants to the class are always welcome. MINI, much loved by said enthusiasts for the original and current Cooper series, is primed to launch a new addition to its lineup in the form of the new MINI Coupé.

Though the new MINI Coupé has not yet been announced for the Canadian market, it's expected that MINI will eventually export the Coupé to Canada in order to expand a lineup that only consists of four core models. And like the rest of the MINI lineup, the Coupé will have few (if any) true rivals.

MINI claims that the Coupé's chassis quality is unmatched in the small car segment and that the brakes, the Electronic Power Steering and the DSC stability control system all contribute to "the ultimate in go-kart feeling."

While MINIs have long been regarded for their driving dynamics, what's most interesting about the new Coupé is its styling. The Coupé is the first two-seater in MINI's lineup. It features front end styling similar to that of the MINI Cooper hatchback as well as a flat "helmet roof" with a stubby rear end featuring familiar taillights, but that's where the similarity ends. Between the B-pillar and rearmost edges, the car's styling resembles a MINI Cooper that's had its C-pillar, rear glass and roofline shifted forward to meet in the middle. The unique exterior of the MINI Coupé also features an active rear spoiler for improved aerodynamics at high speeds.

Globally there are four engine variants for the MINI Coupé including three 1.6-litre gasoline units and one 2.0-litre diesel. Output ranges from 122 horsepower to 211 while top speed varies from 204 km/h to 240 km/h. Fuel economy amongst all engines is impressive and ranges from 7.1 L/100 km all the way up to a hybrid-like 4.3 L/100 km for the diesel.

The unique styling, European character, sporty driving dynamics and notable fuel economy of the new MINI Coupé should cause it to be well received all over the world, Canada included when it arrives.
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