XM Snap! adds satellite radio to any car

Trevor Hofmann - CAP staff
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If you like the idea of hundreds of channel choices at your fingertips with zero commercial interruptions, then you owe it to yourself to try satellite radio.

Up until now you'd either have to purchase a new car and pay more for integrated satellite radio or auxiliary input, the latter that would need you to also purchase a portable satellite radio, or purchase SkyDock and download the SkyDock application to a smart phone, provided you have a smart phone, which then requires you to install an antenna in your car. A simpler choice allows you to download SIRIUS XM to your smart phone and plug your smart phone into an aux plug or connect it through Bluetooth audio, but then we're back to the need for a new car. If you don't want to buy a new car just to get satellite radio coverage, you're not alone. What's the solution?

Enter XM Snap! What makes it different from other portable satellite players is that it can be plugged into your car's power socket/cigarette lighter where it transmits to your car's radio antenna. This means that while XM Snap! is connected you can still scroll through your local stations to get traffic, weather or tune in to your favourite shows.

XM Snap! pulls power from the cigarette lighter, so no batteries or recharging is needed, while the stalk it mounts on is adjustable so that you can point it towards driver or passenger.

What's more, when you trade up to a newer car down the road, XM Snap! can be plugged directly into an aux-in connection.

As far as using the device, it's simple and relatively straightforward. Arrow keys allow users to navigate through various categories while rotary knobs let them change channels. Preset keys can store favourite stations, which is pretty well how most audio systems work.

In case you haven't been following all the latest satellite radio news, you no longer have to choose between SIRIUS and XM. Now they're a single company, SIRIUS XM Radio, delivering the same content.

XM Snap! has just been released into the U.S. market for $59.99 USD, plus subscription fees. U.S. consumers can order it from the company website at www.xmradio.com, and it includes free shipping. Company spokesperson Sal Resendez says that it will be introduced into Canada shortly, but did not have specific pricing available.

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