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  • Patton
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    OK Heidi Wicks, here it is: I have read your blog for a few months and I decided today to re-read and comment on this posting. br The tear-jerker statement by that child might be fictional or may well be fact. I have witnessed many similar statements, because most children play as well as they can,;for fun, for the love of playing, to use skills they are acquiring. NOT to make the big leagues. Even this elite level of kids. br I believe that this type of film, sports or otherwise, may be formulaic because the story underneath these films is also a constant. In this case, the wonderful ability of humans to do their best despite odds which seem impossible. br We may always be blessed/cursed with the hokey parts, but that is used to grab audience interest, to elements they can immediately understand, or think about and understand, or both. br What matters to me isn't whether any of these children played major league baseball. What matters is that these children and many of the children who saw the film, had some proof that doing your best offers benefits which can last a lifetime. br The media production machine offers good and bad elements. Bean counters stifle creativity sometimes, but without the beans, there is no film. br I disagree that a montage was necessary, but admit that if it had, the film could probably have more easily edited for brevity. br Or, should we be pleased someone tried to give us a story which didn't fit the goldfish-brained attention spans we are developing? I would repeat that, but I don't remember what I was going to say. br In that vein, I also found it interesting to learn that your link to a You Tube World Police montage is no longer available because of a copyright claim from Paramount. br An excellent formulaic movie idea: big bad studio against terrible social media purveyors. Gotta go, they just sprinkled food on the top of the bowl.