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The end of May is near and that means we're getting closer to the seven-week itch.

That's the period seven weeks prior to the Tely 10 when many runners find themselves attracted to every activity but training.

You're doing 23 weeks of jury duty! some say with a buzz. Where do I sign up?

The desperation stems from the fact that runs are getting longer and require the commitment of a U.S. presidential term, a job where even if you stage an unpopular war or the world economy collapses under your watch, you can't quit.

For Tely trainers who feel like packing it in, the way to stay in the game is by focusing on the excellent, enjoyable aspects of running.

You know, like ahhh...

Such asmmm...

The ahh...

Seriously though, runners feel a sense of freedom while pounding the pavement and the highs of accomplishment once their sneakers are off and their feet are up.

There are also the health benefits of scooting around the roads and trails. Energy increases and the weight is kept in check. (Or at least hopefully that happens, because right now my girth is more Tella tubby than Tely 10.)

If remembering runnings rewards doesnt inspire you, if a Brazilian wax job is more appealing than doing 5K, think about why you started trainingfor said health reasons... to prove something to yourself or someone else...so you can eat Chess loaded with gravy and not guilt

Whatever you do, try not to scratch the seven-week itch and abandon the training.

It'll be a reason for regret down the road, because youll have been done long before everyone else crosses the finish line July 26.

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