Barenaked Ladies sing about St. John's election?

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First off, my apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Ive been consumed with covering the municipal election and taking care of some issues at home. (The stork hasnt yet left a package on our doorstep, but will soon...hopefully.) While newsgathering for the municipal election, Ive decided The Barenaked Ladies should come and remake their breakthrough album Gordon based on the race and candidates in St. Johns. The track list for the would include Hello Shannie, If I had $44 million, Ward 5, Mark Wilson, Incumbent (Named Doc), and Be My Simon Lono. A sampling of the lyrics: Hello Shannie, youve found an frenemy in Keith, woh-oh, woh-oh If I had $44 million, I would lower the mill rate (Spoken: The real mill rate? Thats cool.) This is me in Ward 5, baby. This is me in Ward 5... Drove downtown in the rain, 9:30 on Saturday night. Just to check out the reggae show-oh-oh...Now Im questioning what Doc said just like Marky Wilson did. Im an incumbent named Doc. I really hope this election is a lock. Theres no need to be afraid of us...Harbour clean-up, proven and Metrobus. I know when I say this, I hope youre not taking me literal, but I dont like all these people slagging him for working for the Liberals...You can be my Simon Lono. You can follow me wherever I vote. Be my, be my, be my Simon Lono... And maybe if we got candidate Sheilagh O'Leary to photograph the Barenaked Ladies, we could convince the band to do the bonus track One Frank Frank Galgays running in Ward 2, theres lots of whoo-hoo and little voo-doo cause hes as raucous as a sailor. A Franky panky, blanky hanky, Alfalfa and Spanky, this election hes got er nailer...Theres been one Frank since you voted for him, marked your X on the ballot and youre not sorry. I am sorry for writing this, though. Yup, I'm really looking forward to the election wrapping up Tuesday.

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