One hectic season

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It's been a crazy fall.

First, I was part of The Telegram team that covered a hectic municipal election campaign throughout September.

Less than a week after election night, my wife gave birth to our first child, and I went on annual leave for two weeks.

Then I learned a cyst in my thyroid had to come out.

I underwent surgery and, after three weeks of recovery, returned to work yesterday.

That's why blogging has been so scarce.

Posting frequency should now increase.

I've said that before, but hopefully things have settled down, although sleep remains a pre-fatherhood memory.


I regularly search the internet for rare concert footage.

Some of the gems I find on sites such a Youtube are worth posting and I'm going to start putting up links.

This is one I found last week. It's one of my favs.

And in my hunt for stories to write for The Telegram, I also do daily searches for topics related to Newfoundland.

A lot of the things discovered don't make the cut as full stories, but might be of interest.

I'm going to start including some of those links too. Here's one of them.

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