Resolution derailed two hours after 2010 begins

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With brew flowing and a serrated knife slicing through a tender prime rib, a New Year's Eve resolution was made. Starting tomorrow, therell be a lot less of this. Things had gotten out hand in the lead-up to Christmas and in the six days since the Yuletide. It had been a period of excess, with far too much eats and ale. On top of that, the most strenuous activity was pulling the tab on a Guinness or trying to rip open a stubborn bag of Party Mix. But all that changes with the new calender. There'll be regular exercise, healthy eating and a lot less beer. The commitment had been made before and has yet to be kept permanently. This time will be different. It has to be. Enough is Enough. The celebration of the New Year's Eve continues, with optimism about the year ahead and the pledge to take better care of myself. About two hours into the first slumber of 2010, that hope is crushed, temporarily at least. The big toe on my right foot is the same size as a Purolator truck. Gout! Add an accent over the U and gout is the French word for win, but in English, it means intense pain and, according to some doctors, overindulgence. A week has passed and the old gout is still making it painful to walk, let alone exercise. Hopefully soon. And hopefully 2010 is being good to you. Hopefully, unlike some of us, youve at least been able to start the year off on the right foot.

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