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On Saturday, we watched the series finale of The Wire with mixed emotions. We were enthralled and entertained by the wrap-up of the crime drama, but sad to see the show end. The HBO series which was recommended and borrowed from cousin Dave had become a huge part of our lives over the past three months. We watched all five seasons (60 episodes) in that period in between meals, when the baby was napping, or when the child woke up at 2:30 a.m. to feed...whenever we got the chance. The only word to describe The Wire is Wow! Its quite possibly the best TV series ever made. It highlights huge social problems plaguing big cities using Baltimore as an example and gives a gritty glimpse at a world most have never seen. On top of that, the story-telling is awesome and character development soars to an unprecedented level for a TV series. The Omar Little character, for example, is a reason in itself to watch it. Elaborating further on Omar and the series would take away from a TV experience you should really have, especially with the cold nights of January and February upon us. Watch it. Theres little doubt you too will become wired.

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