An unfathomable thought at an enchanting time

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Its 5:23 a.m. and the baby is awake and fussing just as he was an hour ago. Time for a groggy stumble to the crib, to pick the boy up and play, change, or feed depending on what he seems to want. The cobwebs disintegrate the second he looks up and smiles, and youre reminded of the precious gift youre about to hold. These moments are magical with the four-month-old, and not something Id change for all the worlds wealth. Thats why the recent news story about a man charged with maiming a child in central Newfoundland is utterly disturbing this morning as my son giggles and coos and whines and chews, and fiddles with a toy that lights up and plays Big Rock Candy Mountain. Its up to the courts to decide if the guy is guilty, and this post is in no way meant to imply he is. No, at this wee hour, its the mere thought of harming a child or making one suffer thats unfathomable. That an adult can even think about hurting a kid is something Id change in a second, if I could. But thats far beyond my control, so I focus on playing with my boy and enjoying the enchantment that is infancy.

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