A yummy, chummy, lucky, gummy bear

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An earworm a song that gets stuck in your head has infected me.

And, with a five-month-old at home rolling around the floor, the tunneling tune is a kids' song of course.

The song came to my attention via social networking, as do so many unfortunate things, like people's Farmville updates.

A Facebook friend posted ths YouTube link to the Gummy Bear Song and noted how much his toddler likes it.

From the look in his eyes and the undivided attention he gives it, it appears our boy loves it, too.

We've showed it to him over and over and he's absolutely engrossed every time.

At this age, the movement and colours are likely the key attractions.

There's little attractive about the song for me, though. I still can't knock it off continuous mental loop. Arrgh!

It even popped up in my head Friday during an interview, when suddenly I felt an urge to chant, gummy gummy gummy gummy bear and make a loud popping sound with my lips.

Then I was at my desk trying to craft a story but doing everything in my power to hold back from professing, Oh I'm a yummy, chummy, lucky, gummy bear.

No doubt, this particular earworm has the potential to result in a really embarrassing experience.

For example, I'm set to follow federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff today. Just as he takes a question from the local media, I might lose control and suddenly break into the line, haha duba duba yum yum.

Ignatieff: Excuse me, sir, I never got the question.

Me: Haha duba duba yum yum.

Ignatieff (under his breath): Help.

As unwanted as it would be, if something like that happened, I'd be left with no choice but to grin and Gummy Bear it.

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  • Michelle
    July 27, 2010 - 13:55

    I laughed so hard when i read this because i too have the gummy bear sond burned into my mind. My daughter listens to it over and over. I am glad to know it has made its way into others brains and set up shop:)