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Call me TMSteve (a stretch on TMZ, agreed). Anyway, Juno week is here and that doesn't mean you have to stay home and watch a movie about a pregnant teenager. No, its time to toast Canadian music and the people who make it, even Celine Dion. Theres loads of stuff on the go that's worth checking out. And if have an encounter with a celebrity this week, you should tell us about it by posting a comment on this blog or sending me an e-mail at sbartlett@thetelegram.com. Heck, send a pic if you get one and I'll post it, even if you and your friends are in it. (Especially if me and my friends are in it, says you.) Forward it using a valid e-mail address and your name will go in a draw for that growing collection of Juno swag under my desk. Right now, right now, its three bags full. I havent looked through the gear, but I did notice a grey hoodie. If you win it, do me a favour and dont wear it to knock over a convenience store, gas station or fast-food joint at 3:13 in the morning. * * * I know Lost is on tonight, but in between scratching your head and trying to figure out what the BLEEP is going on, check back here. Ill be live-blogging from Ruckus In The Round Songs From The Edge, a songwriters circle featuring Amelia Curran, Harry Martin, Karla Pilgrim, Maureen Ennis, Mike MacDonald and Sir Ron Hynes. (I knighted Ron myself. Someone has to.)

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