A culinary collision between Ches's and Moo Moos

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Breaking news out of Britain...Papers discovered under a barstool indicate Newfoundland is actually part of Maldives, not Canada. Dated March 1949, the documents were located beneath a seat at the Rovers Return. They say the British leaders went on a bender and, as a drinking game, started making countries by lumping island colonies together in alphabetical order. Problem was, they used, and signed, official maps and documents. Hence, the creation of Newmaldives and Labrador. OK, this is complete and utter bunkbut its nice to let the imagine run wild. I must be in heatoops that shouldve read, It must be the heat. Anyway, the big news out of Britain is a dairy in a place called Skelmersdale So, thats where the Skelmers are from! has concocted whats best described as a culinary collision between Chess and Moo Moos. Yup, fish and chips flavoured ice cream. According to that BBC story, the ice cream maker Fredericks has developed a taste of the British seaside in a lick. Its described creamed cod fillet ice cream in vanilla and pepper batter is accompanied by potato ice cream chips and served with salt and vinegar seasoning and lemon wedges, on a bed of newspaper. MMMMMM Seriously, how could you ever think about flavours like strawberry, cookie dough or turtle cheesecake again? Youre really craving more on this, arent you? So for you, my reader, a request is going into my bosses to see if theyll let me fly to Britain to sample fee and chee-flavoured ice cream. To sweeten the deal, Ill outline my plans to search pubs for documents pertaining to Newmaldives and Labrador.

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