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Ladies and Gentlemen this is the first Blog for my first Tely 10 so let me get a little housekeeping out of the way. I have only one goal for this Crusade and that is to be upright and smiling going across the finish line. I do not want to be like this man a couple of years ago see the video here

After 10 years working on the finish line I have seen just about everything and that is what has made me most nervous. To recap some of my fondest memories at the finish besides the man in the video link I just shared: the very first year I was at the finish a man crossed the finish line in a white shirt with two triangular red streaks originating from his nipples. It was a little while later I learned that this was blood as his nipples were irritated by the 10 mile trek. Note to self please avoid this. Any suggestions to a first timer as to how to avoid this please feel free to email me? I remember the year the humidity was high and the finish line was filled with Ambulances! That was scarey actually. Ok I have to go home and I havent even talked about how I feel after two runs. Check out the runkeeper link in my Bio and I will be back this evening with a little about my training.

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