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Ok so I drove home had some supper and now I am sitting in my van outside the house in which my son is taking piano lessons. Forgive me but as the Director of Digital products and operations I will be mixing in a little bit of technology with this blog. I am connected to the Internet by tethering through my iPhone. If you want me to cut the bull and get to the training aspect of this blog stay with me please. The other Technology thing I am really excited about is the runkeeper app that allows you to follow my training. See my stats here http://runkeeper.com/user/GerryCarew/activities

Cutting to the chase I have only run twice! Yes I know you think I am crazy just like my wife does. I started training on Saturday by running around the lake with my iPhone and new app in hand. I was really excited about this new app and when I completed the lake run in 25mins (running on the inside) I was not feeling too bad. My body held up quite nicely for the first run but my brain was taxed when I inadvertently deleted all the info for my first run from the runkeeper app. It was my first time using the app and I should have taken more time to figure it out before I ran. Anyway I remembered some of the data and I entered what I could manually. If you compare the first run on Saturday to the second run on Sunday Morning June 6th you will notice the numbers don't really jive. So if you are going to follow me I would take the June 6th run as my first real run for comparison purposes.

So how does this 44 year old body feel you may ask? Well good question. While running I am experiencing significant discomfort in my left knee, but I seem to push through it. Now that I am two days removed from my first run the body has held up quite nicely and I am experiencing the regular aches that come with a run. I have had significant back pain in the past so I am going to begin a routine of sit ups at the YMCA where I am a member to strengthen my core. I am also going to follow the training schedule that the Telegram is posting in the paper and online.

I took the day off today from running but I will run again tomorrow around the lake to see if I feel any better. I worry that this blog will become a whine about my aches and pains blog but I hope I can keep it together to get to the finish line.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may be a first time runner and also from anyone who is using the GPS tracking technology and are willing to share it. My son's piano lesson is almost over so I will sign off for now. I look forward to writing about and posting my GPS stats as I improve with practice.

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