Just finished run #3

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Well I read the Telegram Tely 10 beginner training guide and I decided two loops around the lake was just too much to handle on my third run. I am glad I read that because I felt really good on this last run and I was tempted to go the extra but this prevented me from pushing myself too hard too early.

The pain I had in my knees did not flare up this time and I felt like I had a better pace going. Indeed I did as I clocked a 9:59 average pace per mile. Sunday past on my second run it was 10:51.

I ran the same distance and I shaved over 2 mins off my time. Shortly into my run as you can see by the Gray pins on the Runkeeper map my wife called and I wasn't sure how to handle the call on the multitasking iPhone. I answered and it paused the GPS feed but I manged to get it back online as well as the podcast I was listening to.

Time for supper! I will be back later.

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