4 Runs in!

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I dropped my car off at Terra Nova Motors on Kenmount road to get my Winter tires taken off (I know I am a little behind on that). That's where I started my run this evening and for the first time you were able to follow me in real time. I am interested in hearing from anyone who did that, please comment below. The run started well and I was feeling really good untill I got to the bottom of Kenmount road. My thighs began to tighten up to the point I wasn't sure I could continue. I plodded along and finally the pain subsided enough that I didn't notice it anymore. I knew this run was about twice as long as my first three so the big challenge for me became mental as I wanted to stop numerous times along the way. I kept going and listening to my podcast TWIT (This week in Tech) took my mind off the run. Once I got on Elizabeth Ave. I noticed some pain in my right Achilles Tendon so that bothered me a little bit but not enough to stop. This evening I am feeling really sore all over and I certainly know that I ran just over 5 miles. I wonder what my body is going to feel like tomorrow. I bought a fanny pack and had my iPhone on the belt but with about 10mins left it flew off my belt and went crashing to the sidewalk. Luckily I have a protective case around it and it survived the fall. I was worried that the RunKeeper app would stop running but it did not especially since it was my first LIVE broadcast with GPS. The one thing I did not like was when the earphones fell off the podcast stopped and I could not get it back on without pausing the RunKeeper App so I just kept running with no Podcast.

In looking at the RunKeeper graph below the map I am struck by how much downhill the run was. I did not realize it until looking at the elevation changes on the graph that this is the case. I am interested in the elevation changes for the Tely 10 as I am certain they are mostly uphill if anyone knows a link that shows the elevation changes for the Tely 10 please comment below. I am probably two to three weeks away before I run the route for the first time and I look forward to doing it for the experience as well as the data I will gleen from the App.

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