Average Pace per mile is getting worse.

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ok what is up with this, I just compared the last 5 runs and my average pace per mile has gotten worse. I know I have tackled some more difficult terrain but I would have expected the pace to pick up. Maybe I am feeling the affects of 6 runs in 9 days. The hardest part of today's run was before hand getting the motivation to actually do it. Am I having second thoughts about running this race in July? You bet, but I am motivated by this little project that I have taken on. One of the positive things that I can report is the fact that I lost three pounds this week. If I keep that up with 7 weeks left it will be 21 pounds which is about 6 more than I would like to lose.

I can't remember if I mentioned this in past posts but one of my biggest fears is that my back won't hold up from all the training. I love to golf but these days with 2 young children I don't get much time to do it. I spend most of my golf time on the range hitting balls.The point is yesterday was my first time on the range and I am feeling the affects of it on my lower back. I haven't been doing much to strengthen my core but I know I must get at that aspect of the training if I am going to keep it all together.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to the YMCA and do a little work on my core.

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