No run in Montreal

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I am sorry to say I did not get to run while I was in Montreal due to the strict time schedule of my meetings. It is the first time I said I was going to do something in this blog and I could not follow through. In some ways it was probably good to have a little break after the 10 mile run on Saturday but I am itching to get back to a regular schedule when I get back home. I am now in Halifax for a days worth of meeting tomorrow and I hope to get a run in early in the morning if my body can keep up to the timeshifting. One thing I did do on my way out of Montreal was turn on my iPhone app to track the progress of our cab to the airport. see it here it is indicating a run on June 22nd but it is a 10 min snapshot of the progress of the cab. It struck me as we were driving very slow in rush hour traffic that I would probably be able to run to the airport quicker than this cab was going. Turns out the cabs average speed was only 12 miles per hour see it here Imagine driving that slow in St. John's you would be pulled over and fined for obstucting traffic. I hope to get a run in tomorrow morning in Halifax but if I don't I will certainly be back at it Thursday evening.

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