4 miles Saturday June 26th in 20 degrees celcius

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I wondered what it would be like to run in higher temperatures and Saturday evening I got my answer. It was about 20 degrees when I ran and I found it very challenging. I see my average min mile on http://runkeeper.com/user/GerryCarew/profile to be 11:01 which I believe is the highest one yet which is to be expected. I only ran 4 miles but it felt much longer. I don't look at my iphone while I am running so I thought I had run 5 miles and my thoughts were drifting onto the future and how hard it would be to keep going for 5 more miles. Turns out it would have been 6 more miles to get to the finish line wow this makes me wonder what race day will bring. I want to run the whole distance from beginning to end but I also have a goal of upright and smiling crossing the finish line. The pace will certainly be dictated by the many variables but the temperature and humidity will be the main ones.

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