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ok I will admit it this blog is not much of a crusade yet, as my running distances have not been increasing. I am feeling more and more in shape every day however. Last night I planned to run for an hour but I was tied up at work till close to 6pm and didn't start the run until 6:07 see it here I have two small children so taking an hour to run later than 5:30 or 6 really cuts into the time I can spend with them so I am trying to cut loose from work as soon after 5 as possible so that I can get an hour long run in and still have time to play with the kids. I tried running at 6am ONCE and I had to take two weeks off from running because I screwed up my achillies heel. That being said I am planning to run the Tely 10 course tomorrow morning at 7am!!! The biggest problem I have with saying this is that I feel compelled to live up to it becuase I have made it public. You can track it live if you are foolish enough to be up at 7am on a Saturday morning and on your computer. What I am really interested in first of all is being able to run the entire distance. (I may walk some of it if I have to, I will tell you after) The next thing I am interested in is posting the run on runkeeper and then seeing what kind of progress I will make over the next few weeks and of course on race day.

I am in Montreal Monday and Tuesday and Halifax on Wednesday but I plan to run so it will be interesting to see if I can manage a run. My plan in Montreal on Monday morning is to run a half hour up the street and a half hour back otherwise I may get lost and never make it to my morning meetings.

So the crusade is heating up, there should be some interesting posts in the next few days I hope you come back and also share the blog with your friends.

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