Tely Route Completed for the first time!

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Yes I stayed true to my promise from my last blog, I ran the entire race route without stopping here is the proof my trusty runkeeper iPhone app To be honest I am more than pleased with my time and pace. I expected to do it in just about 2 hours so to have completed it in 1 hr 40 mins on my very first try is encouraging. I parked my car in the parking lot of Aylward Chislett and Whitten, the law firm in Paradise located right on Octagon pond. When I got out of the car the wind nearly cut me in half and the temp this morning was only 5 degrees. I could not get over how cold it was for the first 20 mins of my preparation and first part of the run. I took a picture of the road where the race starts and then I was off. The drive out was interesting becuase it took me 20 mins to drive and it really struck me how impressive Paul McCloy's record time still is. The positive thing about the wind was it was a tail wind and it was gusting to 50km/hr so I am sure this helped my time greatly. I have been at the finish line volunteering for 10 years so I am keenly aware of the weather conditions and how they affect runners. I could not help but think how much more challenging the race will be in late July when the temp and humidity are up. It is amazing what crosses your mind when you are on such a long run.

I kept a steady pace and everything felt really good up to the 4 mile mark until I felt the urge to pee. Sorry but I have to mention it because it really started to bother me. With no experience in racing I certainly found this to be a problem. Luckily there were some woods that allowed me to solve this problem. I have to make sure I monitor my fluid intake in the hours before the actual race. As I was running I noticed the Tely 10 disctance markings on the curbside but it wasn't until mile 4 that I noticed. Not sure if that was the first one or if I missed all the others but the markings were on my mind from that point on. I did not see a lot of them from that point on but the enormity of the run really hit me at that 4 mile mark because that was close the the run distance I had been doing prior to this one and I really had to keep a positive attitude knowing that there were 6 more long miles to go. The funny thing is the only other marker I can remember is the 9 mile mark and how amazing it was to know I had run 9 miles and only had one more to go. I remember coming past one of the buildings accross from the Tim Hortons with one mile to go and when I looked to my right I saw the sun peaking through the clouds over the narrows. The gleaming water framed by the majestic Narrow's rock made for a spectacular view and resurgence of energy for me. It really made me feel privledged to able to be living in such a beautifl city and have the ability to do what I was doing. The other thing to set the scene for you was I was listening to Michale J. Fox reading his audio book Always Looking Up. To listen to him talk about his sense of repurpose ofter the diagnosis was quite interesting and inspiring. NOt to do a full book review but there is just a little bit too much political discussion in the book to my taste but it was getting more intersting when he started to talk about the Rush Limbaugh incident! I finished the course before I heard him describe it in detail.

The last thing I want to say here is the amazing feeling it was to run that last mile. I was really proud of myself knowing that I ran the whole way after expecting to have to walk part of the way. I look forward to running the route again before race day to see if I have improved and then on race day as the finish line is lined with wellwishers. For the first time in 10 years I will be on the road inside the barriers not outside! Awesome.

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