Ups and downs on Canada Day!

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This has nothing to do with the Tely 10 training so if you dont want to continue reading stop here. I spent the day at a friends cabin in the Makinsons area and it was a wonderful way to spend Canada day. There was no time to get a run in but there was lots of physical activity taking place. The kids spent most of the day in the water and they had a ball. There was water skiing and that is where the kid in me came back to life. I estimate it has been 25 years since I water-skied and I am really happy to say that I got up on the second try. I remember it being a lot easier to hold on than it was this time around my hands hurt a lot but I made a full loop of the pond and did not fall down. That was the up portion of the day now for the down. I took a ride in a canoe and the first loop was with two friends but it was on the second time around by myself that the adventure started. I have been in canoes a couple of times every summer for the past 20 years so I would not consider myself a novice. I always knew how unstable a canoe is but this experience was an eye opener for me. My son was next to me on an electric seadoo and I reached over to him before I knew it the canoe started to tip and I could not stabilize it. I was in the water in a split second, luckily I had a life jacket on. I was safe thank god and then I realized I had my iPhone in my pocket as well as my digital camera in the other. I guess the phone was under water for 30 secs as I held it up with one hand till my buddy came to my aid on his seadoo. When I got back on shore I checked the phone and it was still on but it began to act funny and just died. I spent some time online researching iphone water damage and it is safe to say I am not the only moron on the planet there are thousands of conversations about this issue mostly from being dropped in the toilet. Anyway the best advice seemed to be to put the phone in a bowl of rice which I did and about 11pm 9hrs after the incident the phone came back to life and I am very happy to say it is operating perfectly since. The digital camera however seems to be toast but I did retrieve the pictures of the SD card! Off to Manitoba and Saskatchewan for a family vacation. It will be interesting to see how my training goes while on the prairies.

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