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Well I did it, first day of my vacation and I managed to squeeze a run in while in Winnipeg. See the RunKeeper profile here

My run was delayed by heavy thunder and lightening that lit up the early morning Winnipeg sky. I just checked the runkeeper app on my phone and I notice the time for todays run is listed as 1:51pm which is odd because I ran at 9am. I have had trouble with the iPhone before, when daylight savings time came in Newfoundland seemed not to be set up and I had to switch to not automatically update the time. I am not sure what the issue is this time on the RunKeeper app. Anyway the run was a good test as the temp was about 25 degrees and the humidity from the sun hitting the wet pavement reminded me of the Tely 10 from a few years ago where similar conditions caused many runners to dehydrate very quickly. I maintained a good pace but it certainly was different running on unfamiliar roads even on a Saturday morning the traffic was heavy and I had to stop numerous times at intersections. My plan was to run straight up the road and back so I would not get lost but I had to turn right at the top of the road because it was a dead end. It worked out as I got more variety and I only ran over one block so I had a sense of where I was all the time. The body felt good on the run but I feel some pain in the right side of my neck as I write this but I expect it was from sitting on a plane and in the airports for 7 hours yesterday. I had the same problem a couple of weeks ago when I wnet to Montreal. We really are packed in like cattle on airplanes and it does nothing for your back. I am on the road to Brandon as I write this and we are just entering town so stay tuned. Tomorrow we are on the road to Prince Albert Sask. a 10 hour drive not sure if I will run in the morning.

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