Second running of the full Tely 10 route

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June 19th Distance 10.02 mi Duration 1:40:50 Avg. Pace 10:04 min/mi

Avg. Speed 5.96 mph

July 18th Distance 10.00 mi Duration 1:45:26 Avg. Pace 10:32 min/mi

Avg. Speed 5.69 mph

for more details as always visit this link for those of you reading this for the first time this link is the result of my run this morning uploaded in real time using an iphone, GPS and the app for Run Keeper.

As expected I slowed down! The last time I ran on June 19th it was about 5 degrees and blowing a gale from behind giving me a huge boost. Well what a difference a month makes. While I felt much better running I knew the 20 degree temp was making it harder to keep up the pace. The two weeks of vacation also did not help as my runs were short and fewer than I would have liked. There was no wind at all so that boost was not there. The humidity was not up which was good and there was cloud cover making for really good running conditions. All the same I ran slower and I can only wonder what race day will bring. If the humidity and temp are up and the sun is out I will be very lucky to do this race in under 2 hours.

When I left for vacation July 2nd the leaves were not fully out on all trees and we had few days of 20 degrees or above. This run was my first in Newfoundland with summer in full bloom and I really noticed this by the various smells I encountered along the way. The last time I cannot recall smelling anything but this time there was the familiar smell of freshly cut grass throughout the route. I was also really taken by the smell of flowers along the way. There was also the stench of musty bog water and cat or dog pee that thankfully did not last long.

This time around I found the markers on the road to really bother me more than help. By the 7 mile mark I could not stop thinking about getting this run over! By the 8th the pain in my left knee was so sever I was wondering if I could continue. I ran through the pain and for some reason I never did see the 9 mile marker and I am not sure if that was good or bad. Either way I finished and I was upright and smiling which if you have been following this blog has been my main goal from day 1.

One of the interesting things this time around was the number of people running the route. I like that because it gave me something to judge my speed and a better sense of what to expect on race day. I was passed by multiple people and I noticed the urge to speed up each time someone passed me but I resisted and kept to my own pace. I know on race day that I need to ignore ev everyone else and just stick to my game plan of Upright and smiling may not be what I am like at the finish line.

Time for some gardening today and some easy runs for the rest of the week. Hard to belive how fast the time goes, only 7 days to the race.

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