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I dont think I can, in good conscience anyway, call in sick to work again. No, Katarina Roxon has taken that away from me and I thank her for it. Suffering from a stack of illnesses that would cripple most professional athletes NHL players are regularly sidelined with just the plain old flu during the regular season Katarina put everything on the line, including her own health, for the chance to represent this country at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing this summer. At the Telegram, wed been receiving updates from Katarina and her father/coach Leonard Roxon in the days leading up to and the first couple of days of the 2008 CN Swimming Trials in Montreal. But then, the emails stopped. A couple of days later we received word from Mr. Roxon that the pair were nailed with a bout of the flu, stomach flu, chest infection and sinus infection. But with the help of some over-the-counter meds, plenty of rest and a fantastic attitude, Katarina stayed in the competition and not only made the team with flying colours, but set personal best times in several of her events. So next time you wake up with the sniffles or a scratchy throat, think of Katarina Roxon. Slam back some orange juice, pop some echinacea and whatever OTC you favour and haul your posterior off to school or work. Cheers to you, Katarina. Make us proud in Beijing.

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